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           In this section of my website I will go over tradeskills. In WAR there are 2 Crafting tradeskills (Talisman Making and Apothecary) and 4 Gathering tradeskills (Cultivating, Butchering, Scavenging and Magical Salvaging). You can only have one gathering and on crafting tradeskill each.

           The most common Gathering skills that are chosen are Scavenging and Magical Salvaging. The most common Crafting skill that is chosen is Talisman Making. The reason for this is that Scavenging and Magical Salvaging supply Materials for Talisman Making. And Talisman Making is the one and only tradeskill that will upgrade your armor.

           As for what I recommend you go, well I recommend for the most money income and self reliance go Talisman Making and Scavenging. Scavenging will allow you to make a decent amount of cash and Talisman Making will make it so you don't have to find a Talisman Maker when you need a Talisman made.

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Magical Salvaging


Talisman Making































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