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Warhammer Classes

           There are 24 classes currently in Warhammer Online, 12 for Destruction and 12 for Order. Each class has a mirror of itself on the opposing faction. For example, Witch Elf's mirror on Order is the Witch Hunter. Warrior Priests mirror on Destruction is the Disciple of Khaine. The classes in WAR are separated into 4 different categories, Melee DPS. Ranged DPS, Healers and Tanks.

           In this section of my website you can find detailed tips, hints and strategies on how to play each class and enjoy them to their fullest. I also cover each classes strengths and weaknesses. This will help new players decide which class they may want to make, or a current player decide what class he wants as an alt.

           Something to keep in mind is... Even if you choose a class and don't like it, you didn't completely waste your time. By playing different classes you learn their strengths and weaknesses which will help you better understand them in the long run. To learn more about a class, click on the link below for the class you'd like to know more about.

Abriael's Defensive Tanks Guide
Ashen's Tanking Guide
Ashen's Healing Guide

Destruction Tanks


Black Orc



Destruction Ranged DPS



Squig Herder


Destruction Melee DPS

Witch Elf




Destruction Healers



Disciple of Khaine


Order Tanks



Knight of the Blazing Sun


Order Melee DPS


White Lion

Witch Hunter


Order Ranged DPS

Bright Wizard

Shadow Warrior



Order Healers



Warrior Priest



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