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Submitting a Guide

If you would like to help me out and submit a guide of your own please mail it to Please spell check the guides and put them in an easy to understand format that I can also easily copy and paste.

I'd prefer them in a Text Document or Rich Text Document. If there are links that need to be added to the guide please add them in right below where they need to be added. For an example of this scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a picture of what my guides normally look like before I upload them.

I have the links right below where I would need to link them, telling me what I should be linking them to. Also, always use a format similar to my website, include pictures where something can be confusing, give good directions, maps etc etc.

Also please keep in mind that I may change around how you word certain things, add things and sometimes remove things as I see fit. You will still be given full credit for your guide. I will put your name in the title and at the end of the guide, to see what I mean click here.

If you'd like to comment on a guide, or give me a recommendation of a guide you'd like to see in the future please use the same email address and shoot me an email.

Additional Note: If you are submitting a guide that someone else wrote, please check with the Author that it is ok before you submit it to me. On a similar note, if you're an Author of a guide and you see it on my website and would like it taken down. Please contact me at .

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