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Super Bomberman 2 Game Genie Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Super Bomberman. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Unlimited Life: 1063-FEE6

Vrs Mode slight increase of gameplay speed: 3B41-AC5E

Always lay 10 bombs: FD63-FA56

Always lay 100 bombs: 1063-FA56

Set your Power to 10: FD6E-FA86

Set your Power to 100: 106E-FA86

Set your Power to 255: EE6E-FA86

Move slower than normal: DF6E-FA76

Move faster than normal: EE6E-FA76

Have the ability to throw bombs: DF6E-FE86

Have the Kick Bomb ability: DF6E-FEE6















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