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Super Bomberman Pro Action Replay Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Super Bomberman. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Unlimited Lives Player 1: 7E0D7D09

Unlimited Lives Player 2: 7E0DBD09

Unlimited Time: 7E0D3BFF

Invincibility: 7E0D7688

You have a lot of bombs: 7E0D7009

Huge Fire Blast: 7E0D710B

Fast Walk: 7E0D7205

Timer Bombs: 7E0D7301

Timer Bombs don't destroy each other: 7E0D73FF

Kicker Bombs: 7E0E7401

Advance to next stage without defeating enemies: 7E0D2500


Player 1 set max bomb quantity: 7E0D7009

Player 1 set max bomb power: 7E0D7109

Player 1 set max speed: 7E0D7209

Player 1 set remote bombs: 7E0D7309

Player 1 set red bombs: 7E0D7809


Player 2 set max bomb quantity: 7E0DB009

Player 2 set max bomb power: 7E0DB109

Player 2 set max speed: 7E0DB209

Player 2 set remote bombs: 7E0DB309

Player 2 set red bombs: 7E0DB809


Player 3 set max bomb quantity: 7E0DF009

Player 3 set max bomb power: 7E0DF109

Player 3 set max speed: 7E0DF209

Player 3 set remote bombs: 7E0DF309

Player 3 set red bombs: 7E0DF809


Player 4 set max bomb quantity: 7E0E3009

Player 4 set max bomb power: 7E0E3109

Player 4 set max speed: 7E0E3209

Player 4 set remote bombs: 7E0E3309

Player 4 set red bombs: 7E0E3809


Player 1 Kick Bomb Ability: 7E0D7901

Player 1 Punch Glove Ability: 7E0D7902

Player 1 Kick Bomb/Punch Glove Ability: 7E0D7903

Player 1 Kick Bomb/Bomb Walk Ability: 7E0D7920

Player 1 Punch Glove/Bomb Walk Ability: 7E0D7922

Player 1 Kick Bomb/Punch Glove/Bomb Walk Ability: 7E0D7923

Player 1 Brick Walk Ability: 7E0D7940

Player 1 Invincibility: 7E0D7980

Player 1 Kick Bomb/Punch Glove/Bomb Walk/Brick Walk Ability: 7E0D7963

Player 1 Kick Bomb/Punch Glove/Bomb Walk/Brick Walk Invincibility Ability: 7E0D79E3







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