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Marvel Super Heroes: War of The Gems Pro Action Replay Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Marvel Super Heroes War of the Gems. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Always have Power Gem equipt: 7FFF1C02

Always have Reality Gem equipt: 7FFF1C01

Always have Soul Gem equipt: 7FFF1C04

Always have Space Gem equipt: 7FFF1C03

Always have Time Gem equipt: 7FFF1C00

Invincible during "Alaska" Level: 7E027B40

Invincible during "Alaska" Level (Code 2): 7E02CD13

Invincible during "Dr. Doom's Castle" Level: 7E026B40

Invincible during "Dr. Doom's Castle" Level (Code 2): 7E02BD13

Invincible during "Egypt" Level: 7E028B40

Invincible during "Egypt" Level (Code 2): 7E02DD13

Invincible during "Mt. Vesuvius" Level: 7E034B40

Invincible during "Mt. Vesuvius" Level (Code 2): 7E039D13

Invincible during "Amazon" Level: 7E02AB40

Invincible during "Amazon" Level (Code 2): 7E02AB40

Invincible during "Aquarium" Level: 7E03DB40

Invincible during "Aquarium" Level (Code 2): 7E042D13

Invincible during Nebula fight: 7E02EB40

Invincible during Nebula fight (Code 2): 7E033D13

Invincible during Thanos fight: 7E02FB40

Invincible during Thanos fight (Code 2): 7E034D14

Invincible during Training room and Arizona Mine: 7E02CB40

Invincible during Training room and Arizona Mine (Code 2): 7E031D13

Invincible during Magus ship and Asteroid belt: 7E021B40

Invincible during Magus ship and Asteroid belt (Code 2): 7E026D13

One shot "Amazon" Boss: 7E042B00

One shot "Arizona" Boss: 7E067B00

One shot "Egypt" Boss: 7E08BB00

One shot Thanos: 7E046B00

One shot "Alaska" bosses:


One shot "Aquarium" boss: 7E07FB00

One shot "Dr. Doom" boss: 7E036B00

One shot Doom Castle boss: 7E068B00

One shot Magus boss: 7E039B00

One shot "Mt. Vesuvius" boss: 7E095B00

One shot penultimate "Nebula" boss: 7E045B00

Unlimited Air during "Aquarium" level: 7E031233

Unlimited Air during "Arizona Mine" level: 7E01F233

Unlimited big energy tanks: 7FFF8209

Unlimited Gem Power: 7FFF1103

Unlimited Gem Power Items: 7FFF1A09

Unlimited Revive Items: 7FFF8609

Unlimited Small Energy Tanks: 7FFF8409


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