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Fatal Fury Pro Action Replay Codes

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Fatal Fury. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!


Unlimited Health (Player 1): 7E061382

Unlimited Time: 7E0606:99

Unlimited Energy (Player 1): 7E06F135

Unlimited Energy (Player 2 or Computer): 7E06F235

Win a single round to win the match: 7E061402

Both Players Start with half health: 00A70B30

Both Players Start with 3/4 Health: 00A70B48

Player 1 takes very little damage: 00C459AD

Player 2 (Or Computer) takes very little damage: 00C4D6AD

90 Seconds to complete bonus round: 00A73790













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