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Biker Mice from Mars Tips/Tricks/Cheats

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Biker Mice from Mars. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!

Biker Mice from Mars Wikipedia

Biker Mice from Mars Game Genie Codes

Biker Mice from Mars Pro Action Replay Codes


Biker Mice From Mars Passwords

The following passwords can be entered into the game without Game Genie or Action Replay. Each password will perform a different task so keep an eye on which one you're using!


Start as Modo with all upgrades on Hard

Circle, Diamond, Diamond, Lightning
Circle, Blank, Square, Square
X, Square, Square, V
Blank, Lightning, Diamond, Diamond

Start as Modo with all upgrades on Normal

Blank, Diamond, Lightning, Lightning
V, Blank, Square, Square
X, Square, Square, V
Blank, Lightning, Diamond, Diamond

Start as Grease Pit with all upgrades

Diamond, X, Diamond, Triangle, Circle 
Blank, Square, Diamond, Square
Square, Square, V, Blank
Triangle, Square, Circle

Start as Karbunkle with all upgrades

Diamond, V, Circle, Triangle
Lightning Bolt, Blank, Square, Square 
Square, Square, Square, V
Triange, Lightning Bolt, X, Circle

Start as Throttle with all upgrades

Circle, Square, Circle, Lightning Bolt 
X, Blank, Blank, Diamond
Square, Blank, Square, Diamond
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Diamond

Start as Vinnie with all upgrades

Circle, Diamond, Diamond, Triangle
V, Blank, Square, V
Square, Blank, Square, Diamond
Triangle, Triangle, Square, Diamond

Start with 30,000

Blank, Triangle, Square In Square, Blank 
X, Square In Square, Blank, Circle In Circle 
Blank, Square In Square, Blank, X
Square In Square, Diamond, Diamond, V


Unlock Super Hard Difficulty

At the main menu on Controller 2 you'll want to input the following code to unlock the super hard difficulty. If you input the code successfully you'll hear a laugh that confirms correct entry.

Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, Up, X


Modo Level Passwords

These passwords are for Modo only and are seperated primarily by difficulty.


Modo Level (Easy 1)

Blank, X, Diamond, Lightning Bolt 
Triangle, Blank, Blank, Triangle
Blank, Square, Blank, Circle
Lightning Bolt, Circle, Diamond, Blank

Modo Level (Easy 2)

Blank, Lightning Bolt, Blank, Circle 
Lightning Bolt, Square, Blank
Diamond, X, Blank, Blank
Blank, Square, Lightning Bolt, Square, V


Modo Level (Normal 1)

Blank, Triangle, Circle, Triangle 
Diamond, Blank, Blank, Triangle
X, Square, Blank, Triangle
Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, X, Triangle

Modo Level (Normal 2)

Blank, Lightning, Diamond, Blank 
X, Square, Blank, Diamond
Square, Square, Blank, Diamond
Square, Circle, V, Diamond

Modo Level (Normal 3)

Blank, Diamond, Diamond, Lightning 
Diamond, Square, Blank, Diamond
Triangle, Square, Square, Diamond
Circle, Blank, Blank, Blank

Modo Level (Normal 4)

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle 
Square, Blank, Blank, V
Blank, Square, Square, Diamond
Blank, Circle, Circle, Circle


Modo Level (Hard 1)

Circle, Triangle, Square, Lightning Bolt 
Blank, Blank, Blank, Triangle
Triangle, Square, Blank, Diamond
Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Square, Blank

Modo Level (Hard 2)

Circle, Lightning Bolt, Circle, Blank 
Lightning Bolt, Square, Blank, Diamond
X, Blank, Blank, X
Square,Circle, Square, V

Modo Level (Hard 3)

Circle, Diamond, V, Lightning Bolt
Circle, Square, Blank, Triangle
Square, Blank, Square, V
Circle, Lightning Bolt, Triangle, Diamond

Modo Level (Hard 4)

Lightning Bolt, X, Blank, Triangle 
Triangle, Blank, Blank, Lightning Bolt
X, Square, Blank, Diamond
Blank, Lightning Bolt, Blank, Blank







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