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Axelay Tips/Tricks/Cheats

           This page here will share minor tidbits, tricks, cheats and hints about Axelay. As with many of the other guides on my website these are designed to be very google friendly. If you're stuck, and googling to to get done a certain part of the game, that's hopefully how you found this guide!

Arcana Wikipedia

Axelay Game Genie Codes

Axelay Pro Action Replay Codes


Secret Message

Select Hard Mode in level at the setup screen. After you do this you'll have to beat the whole game. After the credits the game will begin again but even harder still. Yes, you guessed it you're going to have to beat it yet again. Honestly, why not just read what the secret message is here instead of wasting your time, right? At the end of the game in the final sequence of the credits it will say "SEE YOU LATER IN AXELAY 2"


Unlimited Lives: 7E005E02

Invincible: 7EO325FF

Invincibility (Code 2; No flickering): 7E03244D

Unlimited Credits: 00A470AD

Start with 6 Credits: 008C8F08

Start with 7 Credits: 008C8F09

Start with 8 Credits: 008C8F0A

Start with 9 Credits: 008C8F0B

Unlimited Lives:


Unlimited Lives (Code 2):


Start with 5 Lives: 00DB6105

Start with 7 Lives: 00DB6107

Start with 9 Lives: 00DB6109

Start with 15 Lives: 00DB6109

Start with 25 Lives: 00DB6119

Start with 50 Lives: 00DB6132


First Weapon Straight Laser: 7E033002

First Weapon Round Vulcan: 7E033003

First Weapon Wind Laser: 7E033005

First Weapon Explosion Bomb: 7E033006

First Weapon Macro Missles: 7E033007

First Weapon Cluster Bomb: 7E033009

First Weapon Morning Star: 7E03300A

First Weapon Needle Cracker: 7E03300B


Second Weapon Straight Laser: 7E033202

Second Weapon Round Vulcan: 7E033203

Second Weapon Wind Laser: 7E033205

Second Weapon Explosion Bomb: 7E033206

Second Weapon Macro Missles: 7E033207

Second Weapon Cluster Bomb: 7E033209

Second Weapon Morning Star: 7E03320A

Second Weapon Needle Cracker: 7E03320B


Third Weapon Straight Laser: 7E033402

Third Weapon Round Vulcan: 7E033403

Third Weapon Wind Laser: 7E033405

Third Weapon Explosion Bomb: 7E033406

Third Weapon Macro Missles: 7E033407

Third Weapon Cluster Bomb: 7E033409

Third Weapon Morning Star: 7E03340A

Third Weapon Needle Cracker: 7E03340B



Level Select Stage 2:


Level Select Stage 3:


Level Select Stage 4:


Level Select Stage 5:


Level Select Stage 6:








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