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Final Fantasy X Walkthroughs

           Final Fantasy X is the first FF game for the Playstation 2 and the first of the series to have voice over acting as well as many other modern day features we've grown accustomed too. This game also takes away many of the traditional Final Fantasy features we're used to such as walking on the world map and being able to fly an airship around the world manually.

           Final Fantasy X also doesn't have a traditional leveling system but rather a Sphere Grid which will control the advancement of your characters. The last thing worth mentioning is that this game is much more tactically oriented than your average RPG as well as most previous Final Fantasy games. You're expected to cycle through almost all the playable characters you have during each battle.

           I have quite a few guides for Final Fantasy X that you should find helpful; my most useful guides include a walkthrough for all of the Celestial Weapons as well as the Monster Arena and all optional Aeons.


Celestial Weapons (Ultimate Weapons)
- Auron
- Kimahri
- Lulu
- Rikku
- Tidus
- Wakka
- Yuna

Optional Aeon Locations
- Yojimbo
- Anima
- Magus Sisters

Monster Arena


The guides I have don't stop there though! I also have guides for the Airship (passwords and locations), Key Spheres and where you can find the ones you need. There's a guide for Blitzball and finally that'll help you cheese filling in all of the spots on the Sphere Grid and maxing out your character's potential.


Airship Passwords and Locations

Level 2 Key Sphere Farming

Level 3 Key Sphere Farming

Level 4 Key Sphere Farming

Farming an insane amount of AP


Airship Passwords

Inputting each of these passwords will unlock a location that you can visit on the worldmap. Next to each password is what you can find there; keep in mind when inputting them that they're case sensitive.

GODHAND - This will lead to a weapon for Rikku, God hand. You'll only be able to open this treasure chest if you've first acquired the Celestial Mirror.

VICTORIOUS - This will lead to a piece of armor for Rikku.

MURASAME - This will lead you to a weapon for Auron


Airship Hidden Coordinates

Baaj Temple (X14, Y57) - You can obtain Anima here as well as Lulu's ultimate weapon the Onion Knight

Battle Site (X41, Y57) - You'll find the Phantom Bangle armor piece for Lulu here

Besaid Falls (X31, Y75) - You can find Dragon Lance here, a weapon for Kimahri

Mi'ihen Ruins (X35, Y57) - The Sonar weapon for Rikku can be found here.

Omega Ruins (X72, Y35) - This is one of the hardest side quest dungeons within the game

Sanubia Sands (X15, Y42) - Ascalon Weapon for Tidus with Double AP ability!
















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