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Lost Kingdoms Side Quests

            Aside from the missions that drive the story of Lost Kingdoms there is only one chain of side quests. These side quests start from Gurd located in the Apothecary. Talk to Gurd and he'll tell you a story and that will unlock a new location, Dahl-Nok Valley. Beat that location and return to Gurd and talk to him again to unlock the next location Gromtull Desert.

           In order to unlock the future bonus locations you'll need to complete more of the game before talking to Gurd. I didn't unlock the snow area until after I had cleared the final level and talked to Gurd, however a friend of mine unlocked it after beating the Mt. Jarndunn level.

The following are all of the bonus locations:

Dahl-Nok Valley

Gromtull Desert

           This level is pretty easy in order to beat it what you need to do is attack the sandworm, you can find the sandworm by looking for the areas where there it appears like something is digging. Each time you fight him you'll lower his health by 50 until the final battle when his health is down to 100 you'll fight him until he or you die.

           There are a ton of treasures in this level too, the ones that are hidden behind switches are the hardest to get. The best advice I can give you is there are two switches that are hidden inside cactus. When you get near the cactus a battle will begin, that's how you destroy it and also how you know it's the right cactus.



Lake Bestriel



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