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Harvest Moon Magical Melody Walkthroughs

           Harvest Moon Magical Melody is one of the Gamecube's few HM games and I would argue it's the best one on the platform and maybe even best in the whole series! Magical Melody really is a magical ride. The section I have for Harvest Moon Magical Melody should answer a lot of the early questions you have with the game.

Harvest Moon Magical Melody

           It will explain some of the key features of the game that set it apart from other Harvest Moons, like the ability to buy and own land. I also have a guide for upgrading your Rucksack, an essential thing to do in all Harvest Moon games!

           Then of course you can't forget about Power Berries, they're pretty much the most valuable item in all of Harvest Moon! Last but not least I have a guide on Friendships and Relationships within the game.. In this Harvest Moon building up friendship points with the citizens works a bit different than other Harvest Moons so I felt it required more explanation.

Any other guides will be added to the list as I do them, otherwise, enjoy what I have!


Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Land Guide

Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Friendship Guide

Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Power Berry Guide

Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Rucksack Guide

Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Leveling Tools Quickly

A Guide to Quick Money Early On

A Guide to Unlocking & Acquiring Fertalizer

Harvest Moon Magical Melody Action Replay Codes


Harvest Moon Magical Melody Screenshot

Well, that's all I got for guides for Harvest Moon Magical Melody. If you have any questions or comments about my HM:MM guide please feel free to leave it below in the comments section!














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