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           Hello everyone and welcome to Almar's Retro Gaming Review section! If you couldn't have already guessed by the fact that I mostly only cover/play Everquest I am a giant fan of a lot of retro games out there. Also, I have been looking for a way to bring back Almar's Guides recently and I wanted to see how well a retro review section did. When looking for new games to play I commonly find myself googling for reviews or top 10 lists of best games on a console.

           After playing dozens of different games I have decided to contribute my own lists. Both in part to help me remember the adventures I had in the games I played and also if anyone out there has similar tastes and wanted to use my recommendations. The list of reviews and consoles is pretty small right now, over time as I play more and more games it will grow, I promise. Each review page also has links on it, I am going to ask the creator of each walkthrough I use when playing the games if I can use the walkthrough on my website. Also, any tips or tricks I may have learned/picked up while playing I am also going to create a page for.

Over time as the list grows hopefully I can do top 10 lists for each console/all time etc etc. We'll see where this adventure takes me!!


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Playstation 2

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Nintendo DS - inactive

Playstation Portable (PSP) - outdated/poor format

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