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Hobbit 15-15 Finishing Epic Quest Line

1) Now its time to finish our super duper annoying stupid epic chain. If you can take a horse to Hobbiton or Brockenboring then take one there. If not take one to Bree and follow the road west into the Shire. Once you're in the Shire head northwest towards Brockenboring. From Brockenborings head northwest and kill 10 Goblins. After you kill all 10 goblins return to Halros and refresh your quest.

2) With your new quest in hand head southwest to Brockenborings. In Brockenborings you'll find the Watch Office. Head inside and refresh your quest at Bounder Primstone. After you've done that go west to Scary and back to William Tunnelly and refresh your quest. From Scary head east down into the Quarry. At the very back of the quarry you'll find a Chipped Skull. Loot that and bring it back to William Tunnelly and continue your quest. From William run far southwest to Michel Delving.

3) Once you're in Michel Delving refresh your quest at Keeper Brombard Foxtail. After you've refreshed your quest head all the way northeast again to Brockenborings. Talk to Bounder Primstone inside the Watch Office again and Continue your quest at Bounder Primstone. Return to Halros now and refresh your quest.

4) From Halros head northwest to Lubach's Cave. Once you're inside the cave kill your way back to Bound Primstone. Once you reach him refresh your quest. If you talk to him while you're fighting the 3 Goblins he'll pop up and help. After you free him follow him to Lumbach and kill him. Halos will come walking around the corner, refresh your quest and tell him you're ready to travel now. Refresh your quest at Halos outside of the instance.

5) Map Home and hop a few horses to Bree. Once you're in Bree head east to the Pracing Pony. Inside talk to Barliman Butterbur and refresh your quest. Go down the Common Hall and find Strider's Room. (Continue where all the Races merge).

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