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Almar's LoTRO Leveling Guides

This page contains completely free leveling guides for LoTRO. These guides are designed to assist players in leveling as quickly and painlessly as possible and are made easy to use for anyone, even completely new players to MMORPGs. This page is seperated into different sections depending on what level you are. You can start this guide at any time and don't need to follow it word-by-word or step-by-step in order for it to be effective and helpful to you. Here at Almar's Guides I understand how annoying it can be sometimes to follow a guide to the letter and how just doing that can ruin a play experience.

You could very loosely follow this guide or follow it step by step, either way I can assure you that you will find it extremely helpful and essential in getting you to max level in LoTRO as quickly as possible. With all of that being said, kick back and enjoy!

Levels 1 - 15

The first five levels of LoTRO are extremely easy, you will be spending your time completing the tutorials and introduction quests to get good xp, armor and weapons. The tutorials are extremely straight forward for each of the races and no matter what you pretty much can not go get lost or mess anything up while doing them. A few good tips to keep in mind as you are just starting the game is be sure to read all of the abilities available to your class. Knowing what to use and when is extremely important, obviously. Also the second most important thing you can do is set up Key Bindings for each of your abilities. If you're familiar with other games and have been playing Video Games for a very long time you will know the importance of doing this.

Depending on what race you are will determine which of the starting zones you go to after completing the introduction part of the game. Each of them is different and from my experience none of them are more difficult than the next. However, I will say that I have found the Hobbit starting zone to be the most annoying one as it requires the most travel. I personally like the Human starting zone the best followed by the Dwarven and Elven starting zones. These few guides were written a long time ago and may be out of date but can still be very helpful in figuring out some of the more annoying quests in the starting zones.

Before getting started here are a few items that you will want to keep an eye out for as a new player. You will be able to sell these items on the Auction House to make a decent amount of starting cash which will come in handy.

Light Hide
Worn Tablet Fragment
Early Third Age Fragment
Aged Scrap of Text
Many Different Crafting Patterns

Dwarf 1 - 15

Dwarf 1 - 6

Dwarf 6 - 9

Dwarf 9 - 12

Dwarf 12 - 15

Elf 1 - 15

Elf 1 - 6

Elf 6 - 8

Elf 8 - 10

Elf 10 - 12

Elf 12 - 15

Human 1 - 15

Human 1 - 6

Human 6 - 9

Human 9 - 12

Human 12 - 15

Hobbit 1 - 15

Hobbit 1 - 6

Hobbit 6 - 6

Hobbit 6 - 9

Hobbit 9 - 12

Hobbit 12 - 15

Hobbit 15 - 15

Additional: 13 - 15

These levels have a rather big variable depending on how you would like to do them. Right around level 13 your starting zone will become a little less populated with quests and more difficult to level up than the previous levels. Something good to do for these levels if you are becoming too frustrated is to head over to a different starting zone and do the quests there. You will find a lot of green quests and they will be extremely easy at first which will be much more enjoyable than the difficult ones in the other starting zone.

Also an extra bonus to leveling through the starting zone of a different race is being able to complete different deeds which will not only give you more traits and such but you will also be rewarded with more Turbine Points which can be used to buy all different sorts of goodies from the store. Turbine Points are extremely important if you are playing the free version of Lord of the Rings because they will be essential in unlocking a lot of the necessary parts of the game. Things such as extra bags, increased Auction House slots and unlocked currency cap are all added bonus' able to be purchased with Turbine Points.

Breeland Levels (15 - 20/21)

15 - 45 (Very incomplete, rough outline currently. Level ranges and areas subject to change.)

15 - 19 The Forsaken Inn

19 - 21 Weathertop

21 - 26 Ost Guruth

26 - 28 Trestlebridge and Amon Raith

28 - 31 Kingsfell, Surrounding Area

31 - 35 Esteldin

35 - 37 Evendim

37 - 39 Rivendell + Barachen's Camp

39 - 40 Thorenhad and Book IV

40 - 41 Echad Candelleth

41 - 42 Gloin's Camp in Misty Mountains

42 - 45 Western Angmar





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