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Blazeridge Steppes Gathering Route

Blazeridge Steppes is a great zone to farm for players 40 - 50 as it as a lot of Gold Ore, Seasoned Wood Logs, Iron Ore and some of the most valuable Chef components such as Chilli Peppers and Dill Sprigs. Each run takes about 30 minutes and nets you around 75s to 1g each. Even for a level 80 I have found Blazeridge Steppes to be extremely profitable and very much worth stopping by if you're bored with nothing else to do. I have created a video guide for this location going over every last detail of which you need to know.

This video can be found below. Further down the page I have laid out three different maps of Blazeridge Steppes, I will explain them below this video.

Now since Blazeridge Steppes is so big I am unable to consolidate the map into one big picture, hence the use of three. Since locations of nodes change with each and every server reset there is no "best path" and you really have to follow the nodes to make a huge profit. However after farming this zone so much for so long I was able to show you exactly where you'll need to run to have all the nearby nodes displayed on your minimap that way you don't miss any.

Follow the blue lines in the pictures below and you'll be fine. Also since the pictures are too large to display on this page you will need to click on them to increase their size.

Blazeridge Steppes Gathering Route

Blazeridge Steppes Gathering Route

Blazeridge Steppes Gathering Route





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