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Plane of Fear Everquest Guide

Plane of Fear has to be one of the most annoying raid zones ever. This zone is a total... grr argh. Words do not express. The mobs here all do really annoying things at 50 and are going to make your raid/groups life unenjoyable. Also with the long respawns and endless amounts of trash you're going to learn to have a love hate relationship with this zone.


Boogeyman - these mobs are necromancers, very easy to kill, drop necromancer gear. They're one of the more enjoyable trash mobs to kill

Frightfingers - These drop Wizard Carmine Gear. They're also wizzy casters, easy mobs

Female Fetid Fiends - These drop a cleric belt, Girdle of the Diligent and Valorium Gear

Turmoil Toad - These drop a Shaman Belt, Flayed Turmoilskin Belt and they are by far the most annoying mob in the entire zone with their fear

Umbral Knights - These drop Umbral Shadow Knight gear. The largest amount of them is in the northern temple but be warned, they all come if you pull it!

Spinechiller Spider - These spiders drop Cryosilk gear, they're usually solo'd by people because of how easy they are to pick off.

Shiverback Gorillas - These gorillas drop the Monk gear, nothing unique about them either

Glarelords (The Eyes) - They don't drop any class armor and they very annoyingly AoE dispell

Thorny Tripods - These guys knockback super far and drop Ranger class gear

Scarelings - These guys port you around and drop rogue loot

Decrepid Warders - These guys drop loot for Beastlords

Samhain -


Necromancer Armor - Blighted

Drops from boogeymen

Wizard Armor - Carmine

Drops from frightfingers

Nec, Wiz, Mag, Ench Armor - Cryosilk

Drops off spiders

Shadow Knight Armor - Umbral

Drops of a Amygladan Knight

Paladin Armor - Valorium

Drops off MALE a fetid fiends



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