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Velious Leveling Guide - Western Wastes

This is an extremely dangerous zone for those looking to solo as the named dragons that patrol the entire zone will almost completely destroy you if you run into one. The northern portion of the zone is the safest part - not much patrols around here and you can pull mobs up here for safety.. sadly there is no zoneline anywhere nearby here.

The named dragons in the zone drop the rare level 60 Velious spells.



Additional Zone Information

- Be sure to con all the rare dragons you see in this zone... many of them are raid targets.

- Harla Dar is a raid target that patrols the northern part of the wastes

- Klandicar is a raid target that sits in the same crater as the zone in to Dragon Necropolis

- Sontalak is a raid target that sits at the entrance of the Temple of Veeshan

Western Wastes Allakhazam Zone Information

Western Wastes P99 Zone Information





























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