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Crypt of Nadox Leveling Guide

***Notice*** Everyone reading this guide in 2018 or later should note that this guide was written in 2009 or so when Underfoot was the current expansion pack. As you can imagine a lot has changed in the game since that time and some of what you read in this guide may be inaccurate or misleading. This page *does* still have some useful info which is why my newer leveling guides link here - but you should understand that most of the information here is outdated, I've taken what's correct and incorporated it into my newer leveling guides.

If you're here from one of my older links then head over to my new Everquest Leveling Guides Index page as you'll find guides for each expansion for you to choose from. I strongly urge you to use these newer leveling guides instead.


           The undead in Crypt of Nadox that you'll want to be killing are down by the Hate's Fury zoneline. If you hit "M" and look at the southwestern portion of the map, you'll know what I'm talking about. Look at my map below for exactly where the undead are. As far as loot goes they hardly drop anything more then Zombie Skin, but almost always give you 5-7pp per kill. I find it best to hang out in this zone until about level 65 and grind at least 50 AA's as well here, maybe more.

Items of Interest:

Fire Opal


Emerald Ring


Black Sapphire

Other Valuable Gems

Ringlet of the Fallen Spirit

Cap of the Fallen Spirit

Defiant Gear

Zombie Skin


Cultural Silk

Cultural Marrow

Cultural Ore

Cultural Pelts

Cultural Spinneret Fluid

Cultural Loam

           Once you reach level 65 it is time to leave Nadox. Your next stop is the undead murkgliders in Wall of Slaughter. To get to Wall of Slaughter head to the Guild Hall and take the Guild portal there. (If you want to know more about the Guild Hall and Guild Lobby click here.)

           If you are following my money making path and you came to nadox for levels 60-65 you will be skipping over Wall of Slaughter and going straight to The Hole until level 71. Click here to go to the hole!

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