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Hills of Shade 83 - 85

           Once you're in Hills of Shade you will want to head northeast up to the undead.

           Right near the Graveyard you will find a small town, that you can get someone to bind you in if you wanted to be bound here. (Don't recommend it but, if you want to) There isn't anything in this Graveyard aside from Zombies, so keep the number one rule in mind... Don't get bit otherwise you'll have to inject yourself with the Anti-virus!!

           If you are struggling with this location or any other location around your level I have a few things that you could do to hopefully fix that. First and foremost you will want to upgrade your gear if you're still using Defiant Gear. There are a ton of Attunable items that you can find in The Bazaar, I recommend you buy the ones that are upgrades and equip them. If you want some help finding these items I highly recommend you use my Bazaar Gear Buying Guide (65+). The second and probably most important thing you can do is get all of the important AAs for your Class. To figure out what AAs are the most important AAs to get I recommend you read over my Everquest AA Placement Guide.

With better gear and all of the important AAs you will notice a gigantic difference in your character and what they are capable of.

Items of Interest:

Rk. II Spells

Dweric Powder (Don't loot or destroy. Sells for an extremely crappy amount)


Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

Sunshard OreSunshard Ore

AugAug Drops

Binding PowderBinding Powder





Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Aderirse BurAderirse Bur

Maggot-Ridden Head

Plump Maggot

Rotting Torso

           These zombies don't drop much loot.. Unfortunate since we will be here so long. These guys will take you all the way up to level 85 and many many AA's after that.

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