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South Ro Leveling Guide

           If anyone has information to provide for this zone please email it to me by using the Submit A Guide link at the bottom of each page. Since I am not completely familiar with the zone I will just be posting maps to assist you. I kind of crudely placed the two pictures together so bear with me for the walkthrough for them.

           On the map all of the Orc camps are marked for anyone looking for them. Also in the southern section of South Ro you will find the Wizard Spires as well as the Druid Ring. This will most likely always be the main area you come in at. One good thing about South Ro is people actually group here. So don't forget to /ooc that you are LFG and also don't forget to put up your LFG tag by typing /lfg.

           The only real thing that comes to mind for Sro is to stay away from the oasis up north. In the water you will find Water Goblins which are around level 30 and in the dead center of the oasis you will find Spectres which are around the same level as the Goblins. Unless you are in your late 30s these will most likely be no match for you.

Northern Desert of Ro Leveling Guide

           North Ro is a newbie to level 15 zone next to the major city of Freeport. To get to North Ro one simply has to travel south from East Freeport, north from South Ro, or use the tunnel in the Common lands. This is one of the newbie zones for Humans who choose to start at Freeport. There are really only 3 parts to this zone which are as follows.

           The first part is right next to the massive walls and gate of Freeport. There’s a simple path cutting right through the middle of this section and a few guards at the gate to save you if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. The open desert section is comprised of bats (level 1), fire beetles (level 2), orcs (levels 1-2), skeletons (levels 1-2), snakes (level 2), armadillos (level 2), and rats (level 1). This first section is wide open desert with nothing but low level mobs to kill and a short walk to Freeport.

           The second part of North Ro is the smallest part; it’s the grassy hill area south of the Freeport gates. This section holds most of what was meandering around next to the walls, but it does hold a small inn. This inn has a few guards and three merchants! This inn is hard to miss, just stay on the path and you can’t miss it. After you go over this small section you enter into the higher level open desert of section three.

           This is where you’ll find more mobs and also more danger. There is shoreline with a tiny barbarian fishing village containing two merchants and there’s also the docks that take you to Iceclad Ocean. Spaced out around this section are a few towers and ancient looking monuments stuck in the sand and dunes. There are giant spiders (levels 11-13), giant scarabs (levels 9-11), pumas (levels 5-10), large snakes (levels 5-8), gilas (levels 9-11), and madmen (levels 8-12). A madman and puma are KoS, so keep an eye out for them.

           There is an undead ring with approximately 8 undead mobs which are KoS! These undead mobs are zombies (levels 6-10), ghouls (levels 13-15), mummies (levels 10-12), and skeletons (levels 4-6). These undead have a pretty big radius so don’t get too close unless you plan on killing them.

           There are also three dervish cutthroat camps spread out around North Ro. The first camp is around the shoreline and has 4 mobs standing around a fire. Dervish camp 2 also has 4 mobs around a fire but what it has that no other camp does is Dorn B’Dynn. Dorn has a big radius and starts out KoS to humans, consider yourself warned. The third camp lies more towards the southwest of the zone and has approximately 4 mobs. The dervish cutthroats are levels 10-11 while the thugs are level 13; Dorn is levels 16-19.

           North Ro is also attached to South Ro. To get here you go, well you probably know, south! As mentioned previously is the dock for Velious at the eastern shoreline, the gates of Freeport, and the tunnel at the west wall towards Common Lands.

           North Ro is a decent newbie zone for humans. There are plenty of mobs to be killed with guards to save you and a close zone line if you need it. For all the beginners out there, save your pelts and spider silks and take them to the Common Lands to sell for some decent money





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