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South Karana Leveling Guide

South Karana is one of my favorite "off zones" to level in. The reason I like this zone so much is because there are virtually endless areas to level. You can either kill all of the animals around South Karana, grind the Centaurs, grind the Aviaks or grind the gnolls around Splitpaw's Entrance. As far as animals go, Elephants are the ones that I mainly focus on if I decide to go that route but usually I do Avaiks.

I don't really have any specific reason I like killing the birds, they're just really easy and their levels are so spaced out that they're good xp from the time you step foot into their camp until the time you leave 10 levels or more later. The Centaurs in northern South Karana aren't that bad either. They are very similar to the Avaiks in the Centaurs are so spaced out in level that there will pretty much always be something for you to kill that still cons DB or more. You have to watch out here though, the Centaurs add like nothing you've ever seen before. They have a tendency to get stuck in a wall then port out to you agroing like five of their friends in the process.

Another bonus about the Centaurs is there is a vendor right inside the camp that you can always use. You can kill the Centaurs, loot their bows and then sell it right back to the vendor! What a terrible friend he is... Finally the last and arguably the best place in South Karana for XP is right outside of Splitpaw. Outside of Splitpaw you will find dozens of Gnolls that frequently patrol around that you can pick off and kill.





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