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Ocean of Tears - Undead Isle

Note: The zone in where it says "Come in Here" on the map is from the Translocator in Butcherblock Mountains.

Ocean of Tears is a giant zone, probably the biggest zone you have been in thus far. In the zone are many different islands, each of them with mobs of different levels. The Undead Isle, which has Skeletons and Gargoyles on it is one of the lowest level islands and the one that this mini-guide covers. It is important to stay around the outside of the isle the most. You don't really want to enter the middle isle where the giant building is because Spectres are up here and they will rip you apart if you're only level 10 - 15.

As for how to get to this island, I usually just swim there. Even though swimming will take a bit longer you start to skill up your Swimming skill which is always a bonus if you ask me.





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