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East Karana Leveling Guide

           The area around the blue circle on my map is where you will find the most mobs to kill in East Karana. Tons of mobs patrol in this area but you will want to focus on killing the Spiders. The full black and red spiders are the highest level ones. If you ever need to vendor all the loot you get from here just northeast of the circle is a camp of gypsies which will buy your wares as long as you have good faction with them.

           Hold onto all Snake Eggs that you get as people practicing Baking will buy them. Also hold on to Low Quality and above pelts along with any Griffon Wings or Tea Leaves you may Forage up. Griffon Wings and Tea Leaves can be sold to people who make Qeynos Afternoon Teas. Although it is very rare in this area keep an eye out for Hill Giants. They will put an end to your fun very quickly if you stumble onto one at a very low level.

Items of Interest

Spider Silk

Snake Egg

Wolf & Lion Meat

High Quality Cat Pelts

Griffon Feathers

Tea Leaves (If you can Forage)













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