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Everquest Classic Leveling Guide

1 - 10 Noobie Zones

Staying in your noob zone is usually best for these early levels. I'm not going to go super in depth here as almost everyone already knows these levels.


10 - 15 Crushbone, Ro, Lavastorm, Unrest

These are some of the options in this level range. Don't get impatient if you're getting XP somewhere else to move. XP is XP.


Runnyeye Entrance (Halflings)

The Deserts of Ro

Unrest Guide for Live servers, but may find useful here

15 - 20 Undead Isle in OoT

This is one of my favorite places to go the Undead here are good for players of any type. Boxers got plenty to kill, solo players that can kite got plenty of kill even people who just wanna burn through a whole mana pool and AFK for 5 minutes got plenty of room and it will be easy peasy to kill here. Definitely check this place out! Also at this location you'll find Gargoyles all over the place, these are worth mentioning because they drop Gargoyle Eyes which sell to a vendor for 10pp each! (8pp if your CHA is low, but still wowzah!)

Something to keep into mind about this location are the skeletons and gargoyles will attack each other. Also the skeletons will assist each other if you pull them from a pack.

Another great place for this level range is the spider's In Lavastorm as well as Unrest if you're still hanging out there.

My Small Writeup (Hopefully will update in the near future for Lavastorm)


East Karana Leveling Location

Lavastorm Leveling Location

Lake Rathe Guide

South Karana

20 - 25 Solo undead isle in OoT if you can't find a group for any dungeon, still great XP


25 - 35 Lavastorm Smokes and Basilisks

The lavastorm smokes and basilisks are one of the best locations I have found for this level range. The basilisks can be quite annoying so you'll have to be careful with them, they can literally stun lock you to death! The perks of this location are you can bind here, it's amazing XP and it is relatively easy to get to and safe around the location as these are the higher level mobs in the zone. I recommend you come here late 20s although you can come here at 25 and survive quite fine.

I have a good writeup for this location on a different page, EQ Basilisk Egg Farming Guide page.

30 - 35 Splitpaw/Cazic/Any dungeon really

If you're looking to solo in this level range Kithicor Woods *kind of* will offer that but not really. It is extremely unreliable.

Lower Guk is perfect for this level range if you can find a group

35 - 40 Luguk/any dungeon really


40 - 50 grouping in dungeons with people OoT cyclops/goblins

The cyclops in Ocean of Tears are possibly my favorite camp in all of Classic. They're great for groups, a solo player and a boxer. There is an entire island of them, but it does get crowded here during peak hours. The cyclops are in a lot of demand because of how much plat they drop/their drops can be sold for. You can farm an insane amount of plat on this isle as a solo player, arguably the best in the game (way more than Rathe Hill Giants). If you can't find a group I strongly recommend while you're LFG you hunt here.

Also a huge thing that is great about the Cyclops is there is a chance you'll get Ring of the Ancients from an Ancient Cyclops. This item is used in the quest for SoW Boots (Journeyman's Boots) and you can loot it yourself and sell the MQ or sell the loot rights and have someone come through and loot it from you.

There is also another named nearby, a small little Halfling who drops Bracers of Erollsi. His name is Captain Surestout and he can be found along the upper "islands" of the cyclops isle. There is also a very easy to kill Hill Giant on this island called Gornit. He drops an assortment of different types of giant toes and also is a pinata of platinum like all hill giants are.



If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or if you just have a comment about it please feel free to leave it below!



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