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Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide

This section is for my Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide. For each expansion I will update this page and my Leveling Guide to reflect the changes that each expansion brings. This guide will most likely always cover the newest expansion and the zones that come with it as that is where most of the people will be grouping. As I update this page and my leveling guide I will archive the old expansions' leveling guide. This will make it easy for you to find a leveling guide for whatever expansion you are currently in.

The only reason I am archiving the guides for each expansion is incase Sony does another Progression Server in the future or has another special ruleset type server where the guides will be useful once again. As always; with all of my guides, if you see anything that needs to be updated or you would like to add something yourself you can get into contact with me directly through the "Submit A Guide" button at the bottom of each page of my website.

Older Leveling Guides:

Everquest Classic Leveling Guide

Velious Leveling Guide (Under Construction)

Your noobie zones 1 - 25

Crystal Caverns 25 - 35

- If you could submit an outline to me for Velious, Luclin and all upcoming expansions please email me at Your help would be greatly appreciated in doing this.


Rough update until I find the time to do more.


1 - 10 your noobie zone.

10 - 15 either Ro, throw up /lfg and look online for guidance of how to get from place to place.

15 - 20 Undead Isle in OoT.

20 - 25 Solo undead isle in OoT if you can't find a group for any dungeon, still great XP

25 - 30 Lavastorm Spiral craps and Basilisks

30 - 35 Splitpaw/Cazic/Any dungeon really

35 - 40 Luguk/any dungeon really

40 - 50 grouping in dungeons with people.


I will make a comprehensive guide like I always do later on.

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