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Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide

This section is for my Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide. For each expansion I will update this page and my Leveling Guide to reflect the changes that each expansion brings. This guide will most likely always cover the newest expansion and the zones that come with it as that is where most of the people will be grouping. As I update this page and my leveling guide I will archive the old expansions' leveling guide. This will make it easy for you to find a leveling guide for whatever expansion you are currently in.

The only reason I am archiving the guides for each expansion is incase Sony does another Progression Server in the future or has another special ruleset type server where the guides will be useful once again. As always; with all of my guides, if you see anything that needs to be updated or you would like to add something yourself you can get into contact with me directly through the "Submit A Guide" button at the bottom of each page of my website.

Older Leveling Guides:

Everquest Classic Leveling Guide

Velious Leveling Guide (Under Construction)

Your noobie zones 1 - 25

Crystal Caverns 25 - 35

- If you could submit an outline to me for Velious, Luclin and all upcoming expansions please email me at Your help would be greatly appreciated in doing this.

Planes of Power Leveling Guide

Your Noob Zone 1 - 14

For these first few levels you will want to stick to your race's noobie zone. Of course if you don't like the noobie zone your race starts out in you can always take the PoK book and go wherever you want, it doesn't really matter where you go at all. I personally prefer Misty Thicket but if you're an evil race going here probably is not a good idea at all. A good tip if you're looking for mobs that don't run for this level range is to go to Field of Bone.

In Field of Bone you will find a ton of Undead Mobs that don't run when they get low on Health.

Paludal Caverns 14 - 26

The best place to go for this level range is Paludal Caverns. Paludal Caverns has always bene known to have a very high ZEM (Zone Experience Modifier) which is great if you're looking to level up as quick as possible. There are two entrances you can take into Paludal Caverns, Shadowhaven and Shadeweaver Thicket. For these levels you will want to take the Shadweaver Thicket entrance since it drops you into the lower level end of Paludal.

For levels 14 - 18 you will be killing the bugs heading a tad north from the Shadeweaver Thicket entrance up towards the Phlarg Fiends. These will be right around your level and will give you pretty good XP. Once you reach level 18 you will want to move up to the Phlarg Fiends which will give you better XP for your level than the bugs. Be careful though these fiends normally don't come in singles so you you'll want to be careful or find someone to group up with.

Once you reach level 20 you will want to move up to the Recondites which are nearby the Shadowhaven Entrance. Normally you will always find a group at the Recondites so you should not have any problem at all with these levels. The Recondites are too hard for you to solo since they come in packs of 3 or 4 and they run but with a group the XP and money will flow freely here. Just make sure to keep looking in /ooc for a group.

Marus Seru 26 - 30

Once you reach level 26 you will want to head to Marus Seru which is where you will be spending the next 4 levels. Here you will want to find a group to kill the Rockhoppers, Stonegrabbers I think they're called and whatever else you come across here. If you can't find a group be extra careful while you level here, you will want to pull all of the mobs to the wall because when they get low on HP they run and the other mobs here absolutely HATE seeing their friends in danger. They will agro you if you're fighting a mob of their kind if you even remotly get close to them.

A good tip is to bring up /lfg and look for players willing to group with you here. At this point in time you will always want to look for groups not only because Everquest is built around grouping but because you will level much faster than players without groups. If there is no one in /lfg another good tip would be to /who all <level> - <level> this way you can send out random tells to other players asking them if they want to group.

A good piece of advice to help you find someone willing to group with you is use good grammar and be kind. Don't send them a tell like "Hey r u lfg?" send them a tell like "Hey, I was curious if you were looking for a group in Marus Seru? It's just me right now but I'm looking for some help!". Proving you're not a complete idiot will increase your chances of finding and putting together a group.

Overthere 30 - 40

Once you reach level 30 you will be moving on to The Overthere which is located on Kunark. The Overthere is a great zone for experience and one of the first zones you will ALWAYS find a group in at the ramp. To get to The Overthere you will want to go to PoK and take The Overthere book in southern Plane of Knowledge. Once you're in The Overthere be sure to /ooc that you're lfg. Much like I recommended for Marus Seru use proper grammar and you will greatly increase your chances of finding a group.

If ramp is camped you can always solo in The Overthere as well. What you want to do is pull the mobs to the western wall (same side as Skyfire and where the ramp group is). If the ramp group is really beasting it up and they have this whole side of the zone under control you can always go far to the south by the Frontier Mountains zoneline. Down here you will find plenty of mobs to kill as well and also there will be a zoneline nearby which if things get out of hand you can just run to it.

In the lower 30s The Overthere may be pretty difficult to solo depending on your class, the mobs here are a mixture of mid to low 30s mobs so you will be seeing dark blues, even cons as well as red cons. Be careful or you could very quickly get in over your head. The only other piece of advice I have for The Overthere is at night be cautious of the evil guards that patrol all around the zone. They only patrol at night and will only bother good races, so if you're evil you will be perfectly ok.

Burning Woods 40 - 50

Burning Woods is a great zone to level in for these 10 levels. You will find an abundance of mobs to kill here and usually always a group somewhere in the zone. This zone is much like Overthere in the fact that there are a ton of mobs around to kill that are all mixed together level wise. You will find some lower level mobs here mixed in with some higher level mobs so you'll need to keep your eye out and be careful.

Also much like Overthere if you're going to be soloing here you will want to pull the mobs back to the walls around the zone. This will reduce the chance of getting adds which will vastly increase your survivability. Much like how I recommended finding people for Marus Seru you will want to /who all people if no one is in /lfg. Finding a group will greatly increase the XP you make and is very worthwhile to do.

Acrylia Caverns 50 - 55(60)

Acrylia Caverns is beast XP, probably the best on Luclin. The downsides of Acrylia Caverns are there are virtually no pulls here that you can do without getting adds. It will be difficult to level here solo that's why I highly recommend you try and find a group even if it is not in Acrylia Caverns.

Anywhere you can Find a group 55 - 65

For this level range you will want to look for a group whereever one is available. The best bet is any PoP zone as here you will have 5 or 6 zones at your fingertips which all have active groups in them. Plane of Justice, Innovation, Nightmare and a few others will not require you to be flagged.

Here is a list of guides I made for the EQ Live Servers for leveling but the locations will still be good for the Progression Servers. Just ignore the talk about Defiant Gear, Cultural Items and Mercenaries. I don't have enough time to reformat all of them so they won't be 110% accurate for you but they will still give you a good idea of that location.

Siren's Grotto

Veksar: The Whole Zone

The Hole: Ruins of Old Paineel

Plane of Fire C1

Plane of Fire C2

Grieg's End: The Center of the Zone

Velketor's Labrynth

Grieg's End: Around the Sides

Plane of Hate

Old Sebilis: Froglok Part of the Zone

Dulak's Harbor

Crypt of Nadox

Crypt of Decay

Bastion of Thunder

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