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Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide

This section is for my Everquest Progression Server Leveling Guide. For each expansion I will update this page and my Leveling Guide to reflect the changes that each expansion brings. This guide will most likely always cover the newest expansion and the zones that come with it as that is where most of the people will be grouping. As I update this page and my leveling guide I will archive the old expansions' leveling guide. This will make it easy for you to find a leveling guide for whatever expansion you are currently in.

The only reason I am archiving the guides for each expansion is incase Sony does another Progression Server in the future or has another special ruleset type server where the guides will be useful once again. As always; with all of my guides, if you see anything that needs to be updated or you would like to add something yourself you can get into contact with me directly through the "Submit A Guide" button at the bottom of each page of my website.

Older Leveling Guides:

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Below this line I will try and always keep the most up to date guide as each server progresses through later X-pacs.




Everquest Luclin Leveling Guide

Well it's that time! Kunark is now around on both servers so here, lets get started with a leveling guide!

Halflings 1 - 10 Misty Thicket

Dark Elves 1 - 10 Nektulos

Wood Elves, High Elves & Half Elves who start in Greater Faydark 1 - 5 Gfay 5 - 13 Crushbone

Gnomes 1 - 5 Steamfont 5 - 13 Crushbone

Dwarves 1 - 5 Butcherblock 5 - 13 Crushbone

Iksars will want to do 1 - 15 Field of Bone and eventually venture into Kunark in the mid to late teens alone or early teens with companions. This new route will most likely have a lot of players though and if you don't want competition I recommend hanging back at expansion launch.

Everyone knows the first 15 levels by now so I won't waste too much time on them.

Kurns Tower is good starting around level 8

Let's start at the areas I recommend 15 - 25.

Luclin Leveling Guide 15 - 25

There are two options to take during this level range, if you're a boxer or want some antisocial locations (meaning you'll see few people) I recommend going to Ocean of Tears. The undead/goblin isles are usually always empty and you can finish the levels there without seeing too many people. For more groupable locations I recommend Paludal Caverns.

Also for 10 - 18 in Kunark you have Kurn's Tower. You can also do Unrest or Befallen/Najena - most of these classic zones won't have many people in them which is perfect for boxers, if you want zones with people at Kunark launch I highly recommend you stick to kunark content.

East Karana Leveling Location

South Karana Leveling Location

Kurn's Tower Leveling Location (guide was written for live so it has extra info)

OoT Undead

Luclin Leveling Guide 25 - 35

For the late 20s I highly recommend you visit up The Overthere and try and get a group. Aside from Overthere, - City of Mist is usually really good during the Kunark era. Those are the two zones I recommend for grouping, if you're soloing or a boxer Mistmoore will be good if you have the gear or ability to control/handle adds. Upper guk/early Lguk too. A solo player will want to stick to smokes in lavastorm or soloing in a more open Kunark zone like Dreadlands or Overthere.

Also the closer you get to 30 the more you can start to ease your way into Velious. Check out Crystal Caverns for one of the easier zones as well as Tower of Frozen Shadow, although that may be more annoying than rewarding for the average player.

Be wary in The Overthere at night as guards walk around and will slaughter you if they see you!

Lavastorm Basilisks Location

Crypt of Dalnir 28 - 35

Lake of Ill Omen (Soloers/Boxers/Groups/Kiters) - You have tons of room to kite + actual camps here. Can also work on your Howling Stones key via Jade Chokadai Prod

Crystal Caverns (Group)

Tower of Frozen Shadow (Group)


Luclin Leveling Guide 35 - 45

Old Sebilis (Dungeon Crawl) Grouping/Boxers, social/antisocial zone

City of Mist (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone

The Overthere (SF Ramp) Boxers/Groups/Kiters - the side of the zone that has the skyfire ZL is good for kiters/small boxers. XP gets really slow around 33

Crypt of Dalnir (Dungeon Crawl) 30 - 35 antisocial zone

Cazic Thule (Dungeon Crawl/Camp) Groups/Boxers - Dark Forge Armor quests are done here. Lizard Scale Cloak - Lizard Scale Mantle - are a few good drops

Lower Guk (Dungeon Crawl/Camp) - Groups/Boxers, antisocial zone - It's now a perfect time for you to learn camps like Mithril Runed Tunic, Shining Metallic Robes, Flowing Black Silk Sash, and the zone!

Ocean of Tears (Cyclops) - Groups/Boxers/Solo, antisocial Zone

Karnor's Castle (Dungeon Crawl) Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone

Dreadlands - Boxers/Groups/Kiters/Solo, antisocial zone (Mostly field killing)

Mistmoore (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone

Temple of Droga (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone

Crystal Caverns (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups

Velketor's (40s) Dungeon Crawl


Luclin Leveling Guide 45 - 60

Old Sebilis (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups, social + antisocial zone - This is some of the best XP you can get in the game for Kunark the juggs also will make you rich. For 6 - 12 boxers I strongly recommend this zone as a dungeon crawl experience.

The whole right wing (where Disco 1 + 2 is) is great for lower level boxers/groups in here. The left wing is about the same level but I hate the slippery floor over there and it's much more of a nightmare to navigate than the disco area. The center area (Crypt) is generally always camped and isn't the best XP - mostly nameds.

The "underneath" part of old seb, juggs, myoconids, that's where the money/fun is at. Once you're 55+ you should venture down here and camp the King or protector/tolpumaj

Chardok (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone - This is a dungeon crawl type zone for boxers, can be lots of fun and quite profitable too. (I will post a more detailed description of this zone after I venture there)

Burning Woods - Boxers/Groups/Kiters/Solo, social zone - great and wide open for kiters; not only that but this zone is a hotspot for people 50 - 54. If you are in this level range and here you ... here comes the double negative ... can't not find a group!

Ocean of Tears (Elite Goblin Isle) - Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone (This place will be so desolate at the launch of Kunark that it's probably one of the best locations for just being left alone)

Skyfire Mountains (Solo Dragons) - Boxers/Kiters, social zone - good for kiters and the dragons also have a chance of dropping Kunark spells which can be very valuable

The Hole (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone . Not many people will venture here in kunark - small boxers can do Idol of the Underking and loam elementals/rock golems but it will take a bit more for you to handle the undead which drop withered.

Howling Stones (Dungeon Crawl) - Boxers/Groups, antisocial zone. There are no set named spawn locations really in this zone either, they can spawn randomly throughout the wings. Also to correct a few mistakes on the internet Enshrouded Veil, Golden Bracer, Stein of Tears, Melodious Truncheon are all zone wide rare items, they don't drop off of nameds or out of any specific wing. I am 100% sure on this. Although the Truncheon is MUCH more common off golems than any other mob I have found.

South wing is the most profitable to farm because of Hand of the Reaper and Fingerbone Hoop.

Velketor's Labyrinth

Siren's Grotto - Group/Boxer Fellspine + lots of gems

Western Wastes Group/Boxer (Spell dropping dragons)

Dragon Necropolis - Boxer/Antisocial zone

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