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Crescent Reach Leveling Guide

While Everquest is patching or installing be sure to download the Everquest Map Pack and install it. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this please read my EQ Maps Guide.

           The very first thing you are going to want to do upon logging into Everquest is configure your UI. That's an obvious one though, because the UI they start you with is gawd awful. After you reconfigure your UI the very next thing you'll want to do is grab a Mercenary. Southeast of where you start out is where you'll find the Mercenary Liason. If you're too confused on where to go hit "M" to open your map and then follow it to where it shows on my map below.

           Your map may not look like mine if you didn't download the extremely important Everquest Map Pack from Mapfiend. (If you need help installing this map pack please read my Everquest Map Guide, I give you a rundown of how to do it in there). If you have yet to download this I strongly recommend you do this as early as possible. It's absolutely crucial to have this for the game. (It would be worse than playing WoW without addons!)

           If you chose the Mines of Glooming Deep as where you want to start and are now stuck here use my Mines of Glooming Deep Guide. Although I think they have recently changed the Mines so my guide may not be 110% accurate.

Crescent Reach Map

           From the "You Start Here" mark you will want to head southeast to the Mercenary Liaison hut. In here you will be learning where your newbie spell vendors are and getting yourself your very own Mercenary! Players with a subscribtion to the game will be able to purchase a Journeyman Mercenary which is the best Mercenary available at this time, players on the Free to Play will only be able to purchase an Apprentice Mercenary.

If you would like to learn more about Mercenaries you should read over my Mercenary Guide.

Mercenary Liaison

           Inside the hut you will find Mercenary Mdjai. To get your merc from him you will want to right click him and select Journeyman Tier I Tank (Or Apprentice - highest tier, if you're Free to Play). Keep in mind that Mercenaries cost money every 15minutes. This is important to remember as you should always have money on you to afford your Mercenary. More of this information is covered in my Mercenary Guide which I linked previously. After you have your Mercenary you will want to head east through town and out to the otherside.

Crescent Reach Spiderling Locations

           You will want to stay in the part of the noobie yard surrounded by the bridges. Don't leave this little area. Here you will want to start by killing Leaf Drakes, Crevice Spiderlings, Skeletons and things such as that. You will want to stay here killing these mobs until you are level 4.

A diseased Spiderlinga leaf drake

Crescent Reach Loot

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Spiderling SilkSpiderling Silk



Star Rose Quartz

Spiderling Leg

Cultural SilkCultural Silk

Cultural PeltsCultural Pelts

- - - Wear this gear if you can if not vendor it for some extra plat - - -

Worn Scattercloud GearWorn Scattercloud Gear

Reinforced Incendiary GearReinforced Incendiary Gear

Woven Crescent GearWoven Crescent Gear

Composite Field GearComposite Field Gear

Tattered Silk GearTattered Silk Gear

- - -

Wanderlust Scout PackWanderlust Scout Pack
- Will fill up one of your main inventory slots and provide you with more storage!

AugAug Drops

Binding PowderBinding Powder

           Most of the stuff you will loot from these mobs is trash but some of it you can sell in The Bazaar or even use! Things such as Spiderling Silk and Crude Defiant gear will sell in The Bazaar to people leveling Tradeskills or an alt! If you are new to the game you may want to read my Bazaar Guide to find out about how you can profit in EverQuest. The Bazaar is like EverQuests Auction House.

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