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Blightfire Moors Leveling Guide

           Once you leave Crescent Reach you will want to head a tad southeast to where you see the large blue circle on my map below. Here you will be killing rats and snakes until you reach level 17. If you are a Free to Play player you may want to kill the rats and snakes here a little bit longer, maybe until level 20 to 22 depending on how much Defiant Gear you've accumulated over the past 20 levels.

           Once you're ready to switch camps you will want to move to the south and start killing the gnolls down here. The gnolls are actually quite annoying as they run and hit much harder than the rats and snakes, which is why I recommend you stay at the rats and snakes longer if you're a Free to Play player. If you are having trouble with the Gnolls a good tip is to suspend and resummon your Mercenary. Mercs level with you but unless they're suspended or you zone they will stay at whatever level you were when you entered the zone.

           For example if you enter a zone and go from level 10 to 15 without suspending your merc or zoning to soft reset him he will stay at level 10. You can check to see if he is your level simply by clicking on him, if he doesn't on white to you you'll want to suspend him and resummon him in 5 minutes when you can.

Rats and Snakes Locationa moss viper

a giant bog rat

Items of Interest:

Defiant Gear

Snake EggSnake Egg
- May sometimes sell in The Bazaar for 1pp each.

Snake ScalesSnake Scales

Snake FangSnake Fang
- You can destroy these if you're low on room.

Snake MeatSnake Meat

Raw HideRaw Hide

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

AugAug Drops

Binding PowderBinding Powder

           As aforementioned these gnolls will be the most difficult camp you have come across to date. These pesky buggers hit pretty hard, run when they're low on health, and usually come in groups. If you don't have a snare be ready for adds and if things get really out of hand be ready to run back to Crescent Reach so you don't die. Much like the gnolls in Crescent Reach, these gnolls will drop coin which is a nice perc for leveling noobies as I said before, money is never a bad thing.

           You will want to hang out and kill these gnolls until you read level 20 (22 - 24 for Free to Play players) at which point you will want to go far east to the Bees. There is a map below of where the bees are and how to get there.

a Mucktail rock breaker

Items of Interest:

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Havoc LoopHavoc Loop
- This may be an upgrade for you, if it is equip it if not you can sell it in The Bazaar for some extra cash.


Rusty WeaponsRusty Weapons
- Destroy these if you get low on room.

Tarnished Gold PickheadTarnished Gold Pickhead
- Destroy this if you get low on room.

Gnoll TeethGnoll Teeth

Cultural OreCultural Ore

Hunk of Blightfire OreHunk of Blightfire Ore

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

AugAug Drops

Binding PowderBinding Powder

           The bees in Blightfire Moor are extremely far to the east by the entrance to The Hive. There are tons of bees over here but we will be focusing on the few that spawn to the northern end of this bee farm field. They have a pretty quick respawn time and your merc will be able to solo them pretty easily without any heals at all, it just may take awhile at first if you're a bit lower level. You will want to hang out at these bees until you reach level 30 (even if you're Free to Play, you'll still want to leave here at level 30).

Location of the Beesan eggtender Drone

Items of Interest:

Havoc LoopHavoc Loop

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Giant Wasp EyeGiant Wasp Eye

Giant Wasp StingerGiant Wasp Stinger

Giant Wasp WingGiant Wasp Wing

Giant Wasp LegsGiant Wasp Legs

Gaint Wasp Venom SacGaint Wasp Venom Sac

Loop of the RavagedLoop of the Ravaged

Sunshard PebbleSunshard Pebble

AugAug Drops

Binding PowderBinding Powder

           The bees don't drop any low level tradeskill items that you can't sell in the bazaar and the only things i'd say destroy from them (If you get to low on inventory space) is the Giant Wasp Stingers, Legs and Eyes. Once you reach level 30 head to the center of the zone to the camp of vendors. If they sell your class spells here, but them if not you'll have to go to PoK for them. Sell your goods then head to the northern portion of zone and go to Gorukar Mesa.

TIP: It is extremely important that you get your spells. Not getting them will cause your magic levels to fall behind which will cause you to fizzle an insane amount when you level up more. This will make playing the game extremely unenjoyable to you. It is best if you get your spells now and practice each magic class of them.

To Gorukar Mesa

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