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Everquest Leveling Guide - Blackburrow Gnolls 80 - 85

An Enraged GnollAn enraged scrawny gnoll

           This Blackburrow is an updated revamped version of the original Blackburrow which was a popular hunting zone of Classic EQ. Many things have changed in this Blackburrow since the one all the noobies and old school EQ players are accustomed too. Most notably the graphics of the zone itself has changes as well as the graphics of the mobs inside the zone. I am not familiar at all with the original Blackburrow but to the best of my knowledge the layout is still exactly the same.

           The biggest and most important change is that all of the mobs inside of Blackburrow are now in their 80s rather than in their teens. You will need some decent gear and a few AAs if you plan to hunt here efficiently this time around. Having at least 15 or more in both CA/CS is highly recommended for hunting here because these gnolls hit pretty darn hard. Also if you're in full Defiant Gear you might want to reconsider as Defiant Gear started becoming extremely crappy in the 70s and now in the 80s Defiant Gear can be replaced with many different things all of which will probably be less than 5k each in The Bazaar.

           If you come here alone (that means just you and a merc to me) then I highly recommend you stay on the first level of Blackburrow. I have a map of the entire first level below but the reason you will want to stay up here is because Blackburrow is still add and train heaven.

Map of Blackburrow (First Floor)

Map of Blackburrow

           If you decide to go deeper in Blackburrow be ready to handle more mobs at once and even harder gnolls. All of the gnolls that share the same model as you see in the pictures above are pretty much the same in difficulty however deeper in Blackburrow there are gnolls that look like they're on steroids. They are extremely bulky and are much deeper down inside, somewhere down near the water. These gnolls are considered the "elite" gnolls of Blackburrow and are much more difficult than what you would find in the rest of the zone.

           That is really all you need to know about Blackburrow. If you can hunt here without much difficulty you will probably really start to enjoy the zone. The loot in Blackburrow is fairly decent since the gnolls drop a lot of Cultural Items which sell extremely well in The Bazaar. Also they drop Defiant Gear quite frequently and other gems you can vendor and other gems you will be selling to a vendor. If you would like information on all of this loot check out my list of loot at the bottom of this page.

           The only other item I would like to bring to your attention from Blackburrow is the Gnoll's Gnawbone. This item is a 25 AC aug that is a great aug to have for any up and coming tanks out there. Or, if you are like me and play on Fironia Vie, you can actually sell this Aug in The Bazaar for a couple thousand plat. No matter your decision keep an eye out for this aug! All that's left to say about Blackburrow are there are a few tasks here that you can do which will reward you with Chronobines, experience and a crest fragment which is used to make one of the best chest augs in the game. All information about these tasks can be found on my Oceangreen Hills Tasks page.

           If you are struggling with this location or any other location around your level I have a few things that you could do to hopefully fix that. First and foremost you will want to upgrade your gear if you're still using Defiant Gear. There are a ton of Attunable items that you can find in The Bazaar, I recommend you buy the ones that are upgrades and equip them. If you want some help finding these items I highly recommend you use my Bazaar Gear Buying Guide (65+). The second and probably most important thing you can do is get all of the important AAs for your Class. To figure out what AAs are the most important AAs to get I recommend you read over my Everquest AA Placement Guide.

With better gear and all of the important AAs you will notice a gigantic difference in your character and what they are capable of.

Old Blackburrow Loot Table

Uncut GemsUncut Gems (Alexandrite, Amethyst, Black Sapphire)

Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Spells & TomesSpells & Tomes

Vial of Gnoll BloodVial of Gnoll Blood

Binding PowderSunshard Powder

Binding PowderBinding Powder

Wrext Mal InsigniaWrext Mal Insignia (Used for a task)

Rogue Poison MaterialsRogue Poison Materials

Fine Steel SwordFine Steel Weapons

Gold NuggetGold Nugget

Gem Encrusted Gold NuggetGem Encrusted Gold Nugget

Gnoll TeethGnoll Teeth (Don't loot)

Chronal Resonance DustChronal Resonance Dust
- You can sell this in The Bazaar for quite a bit! Hold onto it!

Aderirse BurAderirse Bur
- You can sell this in The Bazaar for quite a bit! Hold onto it!

Cultural SilkCultural Silk

Cultural MarrowCultural Marrow

Cultural OreCultural Ore

Cultural PeltsCultural Pelts

Cultural Spinneret FluidCultural Spinneret Fluid

Cultural LoamCultural Loam

AugAug Drops

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