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Plane of Hate Leveling Guide

           Plane of Hate was one of the original EQ raid zones. For this reason the zone has a 5 minute wait timer after you kill a mob before you can enter the "increased regen" state. This could be a real pain for some people which is the only reason this zone isn't that amazing. However the amount of XP you get per mob is pretty darn good and each mob has a chance to drop BoP gear which can be turned in at PoK for even more XP and gems. Keep in mind that there are only three ways for you to get to PoHate. One is giving a Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk to an NPC in Plane of Tranquility another to the Guild Hall portal master and the third is to have a Wizard port you there using the Soulstone.

           Inside Plane of Hate you'll find hundreds of different mobs for you to kill. One that I recommend you avoid or at least try to avoid is a Cleric of Hate. The Cleric of Hate does a Complete Heal when he gets low on health which is a real pain in the ass to kill him through. As said before, each of the mobs inside of Plane of Hate drop a specific class No-Drop gear. Below is a list of the NPCs you can turn the gear into in PoK for gems.

Bard - Imbrued Gear - (Virtuoso Ciadus, Virtuoso Legilwan, Virtuoso Zoama)

Beastlord - Anthemion Gear - (Savage Lord Cedrean, Savage Lord Dwez, Savage Lord Etherat)

Berserker - Shadow Rage Gear - (Trelli Steelswinger)

Cleric - Ethereal Mist Gear - (High Priest Elikor, High Priest Eliwan, High Priest Vasil)

Druid - Vermiculated Gear - (Hierophant Trilawyth)

Enchanter - Insidious Gear - (Phantasmist Abaur, Phantasmist Salkith, Phantasmist Tairon)

Magician - Apothic Gear - (Arch Mage Deidus, Arch Mage Narik, Arch Mage Olera)

Monk - Shiverback-hide Gear - (Grandmaster Chendra, Grandmaster Limsa, Grandmaster Vohar)

Necromancer - Blighted Gear - (Warlock Vesthin)

Paladin - Valorium Gear - (Crusader Difur, Crusader Gimil)

Ranger - Thorny Vine Gear - (Warder Elwysaie)

Rogue - Woven Shadow Gear - (Assassin Daran, Assassin Mirot, Assassin Rysarieul)

Shadowknight - Umbral Platemail Gear & Greenmist Gear - (Grave Lord Dreavud for Umbral, Grave Lord Vizurik for Greenmist)

Shaman - Scaled Heirophant Gear & Rune Etched Gear - (Oracle Balek for Scaled & Oracle Cador, Oracle Guwan, Oracle Maeth for Rune Etched)

Warrior - Indicolite & Legionnaire Gear - (Warlord Gilgoth, Warlord Korehan, Warlord Welorf for Indicolite & Warlord Shriek for Legionnaire)

Wizard - Carmine Gear - (Sorcerer Dogan, Sorcerer Farin & Sorcerer Kerynth)

           The gear that drops for these quests is quite random and can drop off almost any mob inside PoHate. However some mobs specifically drop certain gear. Like Clerics of Hate dropping Cleric gear and Caster mobs dropping caster gear, melee mobs dropping melee gear and so on and so forth. At the lower levels when you're in PoHate you will want to stay near the entrance. You can't zone out without gating or dieing but it is a lot safer near the entrance.

           Near the entrance there is a little bridge that branches off to the right. It leads into a more "City like" enviroment which can become hell thanks to bad pathing. If you're confused as the small bridge I am talking about take a look at the map below to see where you should go for what level range.

Plane of Hate Map

           Something to keep in mind. Normally I'd advise you to kill the named mobs for phat uber lootz to vendor or to sell in Bazaar. However, in PoHate all the loot will be BoP (Bind on Pick up) and will of course have no vendor price. Also since these used to be Raid Bosses they will have too much HP and just be really annoying to kill. Keep this in mind and you'll do just fine in this zone.

           If you are struggling with this location or any other location around your level I have a few things that you could do to hopefully fix that. First and foremost you will want to upgrade your gear if you're still using Defiant Gear. There are a ton of Attunable items that you can find in The Bazaar, I recommend you buy the ones that are upgrades and equip them. If you want some help finding these items I highly recommend you use my Bazaar Gear Buying Guide (65+). The second and probably most important thing you can do is get all of the important AAs for your Class. To figure out what AAs are the most important AAs to get I recommend you read over my Everquest AA Placement Guide.

With better gear and all of the important AAs you will notice a gigantic difference in your character and what they are capable of.

Loot You Will Find In PoHate:


Defiant GearDefiant Gear

Black Sapphire


Ruby Crown

Rune of

Vampire Dust

Star Ruby Earring

Essence of a Vampire (Enchanter Epic)

Staff of Elemental Mastery: Fire (Mage Epic)

Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth (Mage Epic)

Decrepit Hide (SK Epic)

Uncut DemantoidUncut Gems

AugAug Drops

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