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Kunark Leveling Guide - Old Sebilis

Old Sebilis - Entrance, Chef and Disco 1

- Lower levels will want to stick near the entrance or fight around the crossroads area - in running distance of the zone out

- Chef (left wing on the map above) and Disco (right wing above) are the two lowest level places to hunt in Old Sebilis. If you're in a group with less than 6 or you're all under 55 I recommend you stick to these areas

- Obulus Death Shroud is a rare drop from these areas as well as Runebranded Girdle.


Old Sebilis - Crypt and Disco 2

- The Crypt (left side of the map above) isn't really a great spot for XP but it is an amazing spot for loot! There is one named per crypt and in the southern portion of the whole area you'll find two more nameds - albeit with many more mobs guarding them

- Disco 2 (right side of the map above) is one of the best XP spots you can get in upper Old Sebilis. Some of the mobs still con dark blue to those at level 60 which makes this camp great for those 55 - 60 looking to finish the grind.


Old Sebilis - Sporali and Juggernauts

- On the map above the Myconid(Sporali) and Juggernauts can be found in the green area - below the upper floors

- Both the Myconid and Juggernauts will be nearly impossible for those without a group and even those with a group will struggle if you aren't prepared.

- Past the Myconid you'll find the Juggernauts which are quite powerful and have a ton of HP. They also drop rarer Kunark spells that you can't find on the monsters upstairs

- Further into the camp at the deepest and furthest corner of Old Sebilis you'll find Trakanon. Near him is Tolapumj as well as a Sebilite Protector.

- Tolapumj and the Sebilite Protector both drop Kunark spells that can't be found on any other mob except these two, a specific type of dragon in Skyfire and raid bosses.


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