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Kunark Leveling Guide - Kurn's Tower


I feel like taking a picture of my map for this place would look like crapo

- The entrance floor is great for levels _______________

- Once you reach level ________ you can go up for harder mobs, you'll find mobs levels __________

- You could also go down once you reach level ________; to find mobs that are good for levels _____________-


if you can fill in the blanks please leave a comment below!


7/13/17 - I honestly do not know much about this zone so this page won't be very descriptive or informative. If you have any information about this zone you'd be willing to share with me please post it in the comments section below. Nameds, camp locations, important and useful quests that take place here... Anything useful that you know.


Additional Zone Information

Kurn's Tower Allakhazam Zone Information

Kurn's Tower P99 Zone Information






























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