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Kunark Leveling Guide - Skyfire Mountains

Skyfire Mountains

- **General Warning** Beware of Talendor if he is up. He patrols this whole zone and has a gigantic agro radius. He also fears almost immediately upon agro so if he catches you it's almost guaranteed death.

- If you are soloing here stick around the Druid Circle area or go to the upper right hand corner of the zone around Warder Cecilia. Both of these locations will offer you the most room for kiting outside of Talendor's radius




Additional Zone Information

- There's a rare chance to find Pearlescent Fragments off the enemies you kill here which are part of the Cleric Epic 1.0.

- There's a rare chance to find Immortals off the enemies you kill here which are part of the Monk Epic 1.0

Skyfire Mountains Allakhazam Zone Information

Skyfire Mountains P99 Zone Information


































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