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Runnyeye - Classic Leveling Guide



The first floor of Runnyeye is good for players 8 - 12.

The second floor of Runnyeye that is Goblin/Sporali mix is good for players 16 - 20.

The bottom level of Runnyeye that has Lord Pickclaw and other baddies on it is good for players 25 - 35.

7/2/17 - I honestly do not know much about this zone so this page won't be very descriptive or informative. If you have any information about this zone you'd be willing to share with me please post it in the comments section below. Nameds, camp locations, important and useful quests that take place here... Anything useful that you know.


Additional Zone Information

- There are two ways to reach Runnyeye, the first is through Misty Thicket the Halfling Noobie zone. The second way is through the Gorge of King Xorbb which is connected to East Karana.

- Runnyeye is one of the most camped dungeons in classic since Lord Pickclaw, a named drops the Black Alloy Medallion.

Runnyeye P99 Zone Information

Runnyeye Allakhazam Zone Information



































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