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Classic Leveling Guide - Lavastorm

Blue Areas - The blue circle to the right by the Najena zoneline has monsters that are good for solo players 10 - 15. The blue circle to the left, in the same area as the Druid Ring is swamped with monsters that are great to hunt for groups 10 - 16. Even with a group you still need to be careful! The sheer number of monsters in this area is insane!

Purple Area - This location has a lot of Goblins in it good for groups that have players which are levels 15 - 20. If you are in your mid to late teens you'll still need to be careful in this location as some of the Goblins are much higher level than you, some heal and almost all of them run.

Red Area - The Lavastorm Basilisks and Smokes are great for players 28 - 34. You will want to avoid the Basilisks if you're a melee fighter since they have a really long and super annoying stun. The smokes in the area will be a cake walk for you to kill though! The Basilisks here also drop Basilisk Eggs which are used in Baking and quite commonly saught after in the early days of EQ.


Additional Zone Information

Lavastorm Mountains Allakhazam Zone Information

Lavastorm Mountains P99 Zone Information (Will be outdated for TLPs in most areas)


































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