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Classic Leveling Guide - Lake Rathe

Lake Rathe Map

The Gnoll Camp by the South Karana zone line is the only camp I really know in this zone. It's good for players 18 + until about 23 - 25. It's a nice spot if the other places to level during this level range are crowded or you want some place a bit more antisocial.

Additionally the Aviaks in the zone are about the same level as the Gnolls. If the gnolls are camped then the Aviaks may offer you a decent alternative in the mean time.


Additional Zone Information

- A small but tedious part of the Cleric epic takes place in this zone. Lord Bergurgle is an aqua goblin that spawns in the northern part of the zone. He must be killed for Lord Bergurgle's Crown. This item is tied in with the NPC marked on the map, Shmendrik Lavawalker.

- This zone is connected to The Arena which is a PvP battleground. This is a great place for players looking to raise their defense by letting someone elses pet attack them or weapon skill ups by attacking other players pets.

- There are three zones which connect to Lake Rathe, South Karana, Rathe Mountains and The Arena. Once PoP hits there'll be a PoK book in The Arena. Until then you'll have to come here through either Rathe Mountains (connected to The Feerrott) or South Karana (connected to North Karana).

Lake Rathe P99 Zone Information

Lake Rathe Allakhazam Zone Information












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