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Classic Leveling Guide - Everfrost Peaks

This is the Everfrost Peaks Noobie Yard

- This is where you'll want to kill as a Barbarian just starting out.

<I don't have any more information on this part, if you'd like to share please post a comment below!>


This is the Everfrost Tundra

- This area is best for Barbarians 8 - 20

- You'll find Mammoths roaming around this area which drop Mammoth Meat which is used in a high level Baking Recipe. For more information on this location check out my Mammoth Meat Farming Guide.

- In the eastern portion of the zone by the Permafrost zoneline you'll find Ice Giants which have loot tables similar to the Hill Giants from Rathe. They are a great hunting spot for players 30+; if you'd like more information on this location check out my Ice Giant Farming Guide.


Additional Zone Information

- In the northeastern part of the zone there is an LDoN adventurers camp that anyone can bind at. (It won't be here on P99) The camp isn't 100% safe to bind at either

Everfrost Peaks Allakhazam Zone Information

Everfrost Peaks P99 Zone Information































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