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Classic Leveling Guide - East Karana

East Karana

You can find all the mobs to kill in the light blue circle on my map. There's Spiders, wolves, cats, snakes and if you can handle them griffons/griffawns and cyclops also roam the zone. If you would like to see a much longer writeup of this zone head over to my EK Farming Location.

Random Tip: If you're a class that has Forage be sure to use it here! You'll get Tea Leaves which are used in making Qeynos Afternoon Teas!


Additional Zone Information

East Karana P99 Zone Information

East Karana Allakhazam Zone Information


Items of Interest

Spider Silk

Snake Egg

Wolf & Lion Meat

High Quality Cat Pelts

Griffon Feathers

Tea Leaves (If you can Forage)









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