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PoP Leveling Guide - Plane of Disease

Plane of Disease Level Locations


1: A decent area for soloers to pull a mob to and kite around

2: Many mobs patrol in this area but it's usually safe by the northern most wall. If you're higher level/want a better kiting spot up here will offer more pulls and privacy than 1.

3: Lots of Spiders patrol this southern field. They cast and heal each other but are pretty weak over all. Not much good loot drops here but it's an easy spot to do some killing for boxers/smaller groups without any tank.

4: A popular solo spot for enchanters and other kiters. I've never done this area myself but I have seen dozens of different people here. Any one that actually enjoys this spot, leave me a comment below and tell me why you like it and I'll add more information!



































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