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Returning or New Player Complete (1 - 105) Walkthrough

           I've been wanting to do a guide like this for awhile now, one that would help TLPers or returning players transition back into the game. Right now is hands down the best time to get into live EQ since TBM (The Broken Mirror) streamlined the most difficult levels 75+ and made gear that will help you so much with getting those last 30 levels.

           Many of you guys out there probably have tried live EQ and hit the wall most people hit between 70 - 95 and gave up. The issue is that defiant gear becomes outdated during these levels, heroic stats come into play and most can't find good enough gear or people to group with to push through these levels. Also a lot of people refuse to box and that means when they can't find a group they have nothing to do but stand around or grind some relatively weak mobs.

           The secret is pushing through these levels to at least 100 which is where everything starts coming together. With the addition of autogrant AAs you won't need to stop to AA until level 96 which makes streamlining the grind much easier. Also getting 90% of your core AAs while you level will be a giant help. Also with the addition of the highly customizable gear in TBM reaching the fun levels is easier than ever.

           If you are actually serious about playing on live what I highly highly recommend you do is start off with a heroic character. Each month you get 500 FREE Daybreak Cash as long as you remember to claim it. A heroic character is a total of 6 months of accumulated Daybreak Cash. If you can resist buying any of the other goodies in the store for 6 whole months you can get a Heroic Character!!

           Also another big recommendation is try the FV server. This server has a unique ruleset where practically everything is droppable (all gear, even later on in the game). This makes gearing through the baz loads easier as you can continously equip/unequip defiant since the attuneable concept is pointless on a server where you can trade droppable gear! There was also no reason for anyone here to ever sell raid gear over the many years this server has been around, so that's floating around too! Imagine gearing your character out in full raid gear while leveling up for cheap!

With all that out of the way, lets start with the guide!

           In my personal opinion Everquest is most fun when experienced as a boxer. The challenge, thrill, and experience of dungeon crawling as a box team is the most fun I have ever had in any game to this day. That being said I know how TLPers feel about boxers. If you are open minded, a skilled player and willing to box sometimes then what you should do is start out with 3 accounts. Your main you'll have gold, the other two can stay silver if you don't want to pay for them (though I highly recommend all 3 gold for leveling). Here's what I recommend.

1. Your main character - with a Journeyman tank merc

2. Your secondary character - with a Healer merc

3. Your third character - with a melee dps merc

           I had more here in the past but due to certain players out there who actively seek out boxers to ruin their enjoyment I have decided to remove parts of it. Instead I would like to issue a word of warning to other players whom are considering boxing or, and primarily, using third party programs to box before you get into this guide.

           Everyone will hate you. I'm not talking about the guy who boxes 3 characters and 3 mercs or someone with a pocket healer. I am talking about a boxer who plays 6 and especially anyone who decides to try and expand beyond one group. A lot of the people who are vindictive in game are looking for people to lash out at and boxers/botters are the perfect target. If you're going to box, chances are you're going to be accused of being a botter, RMTer or just mistreated for any number of different reasons. Be prepared for this. The best advice I can offer you is do not engage these people. They're are making it their mission to lash out at you and ruin your play experience.

           I still stand by this and I wish more out there would too.... There's a lot of people who play this game, we all enjoy playing it different ways, together we all make up the world of Everquest. Treating people poorly because of the guild they are in, the class they play or which programs they use to box should always be unacceptable. At the end of the day, they're no different than you are, just a person on the other end of a screen and keyboard.

Now I'm ready, lets continue to the guide!



If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or if you just have a comment about it please feel free to leave it below!



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