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Returning or New Player Complete (1 - 105) Walkthrough

           I've been wanting to do a guide like this for awhile now, one that would help TLPers or returning players transition back into the game. Right now is hands down the best time to get into live EQ since TBM (The Broken Mirror) streamlined the most difficult levels 75+ and made gear that will help you so much with getting those last 30 levels.

           Many of you guys out there probably have tried live EQ and hit the wall most people hit between 70 - 95 and gave up. The issue is that defiant gear becomes outdated during these levels, heroic stats come into play and most can't find good enough gear or people to group with to push through these levels. Also a lot of people who don't box get stuck LFG for hours and grinding relatively weak mobs which give total craptastic XP!

           The secret is pushing through these levels to at least 100 which is where everything starts coming together. With the addition of autogrant AAs you won't need to stop to AA until level 96 which makes streamlining the grind much easier. Also getting 90% of your core AAs while you level will be a giant help. Also with the addition of the highly customizable gear in TBM reaching the fun levels is easier than ever.

           If you are actually serious about playing on live what I highly highly recommend you do is start off with a heroic character. Each month you get 500 FREE Daybreak Cash as long as you remember to claim it. A heroic character is a total of 6 months of accumulated Daybreak Cash. If you can resist buying any of the other goodies in the store for 6 whole months you can get a Heroic Character!!

           Also another big recommendation is try the FV server. This server has a unique rule set where practically everything is droppable (all gear, even later on in the game). This makes gearing through the baz loads easier as you can continuously equip/unequip defiant since the attuneable concept is pointless on a server where you can trade droppable gear! There was also no reason for anyone here to ever sell raid gear over the many years this server has been around, so that's floating around too! Imagine gearing your character out in full raid gear while leveling up for cheap!

With all that out of the way, lets start with the guide!

           If you are a returning player I strongly recommend you consider boxing multiple characters. I have been told that what I said before in my 1 - 105 guide was condescending towards non boxers and I have actually gone back and edited it quite a bit to try and take out my post TLP bitterness. That said though I would like to make two general points...

           My job as a guide writer is to tell you the easiest way to accomplish your goal. If your goal is to reach level 105, as this guide suggests, then the easiest way to do that is through boxing. Even if you make two extra accounts and only use them for their mercenaries and leave them AFK in a corner it will be a massive boon for you as a solo player. The reason I push boxing so strongly isn't because I box and I enjoy it - it's because it's the easiest way to accomplish this task.

           Everquest is a really hard game to reach max level in unless you know people or are a boxer. For years I never hit max level until I made a 3 box, Beast, Druid and Mage. I hard a hard time taking down nameds my level (during RoF)... But eventually I got better and made a tank and started 6 boxing and I fell in love. Other people may feel differently about boxing but the point remains, it's so much easier to hit max with at least 3 chars.

           You don't even have to play them at all. Of course, it would be useful if you did - but it's not a requirement. You can still run around on 1 character and move your whole group with 1 character, use a mage and buy the level 100 spell Call of the Heroes (group CoTH). With 3 characters you can drop campfires also which make moving around significantly easier. You can drop one at a quest NPC and it stays for 6hrs. You can drop one at your camp location incase you wipe... You can drop one at a named you wanna periodically camp as you do a quest. Just campfire kill/evac. Rinse and repeat. I mean the possibilities are limitless.

           All that aside though I have still written guides for people out there who don't wish to box. I understand and respect that way of playing isn't for everyone which is why I still wrote guides on other methods to accomplish the same task.

           There was one last thing I had here in the past which I would like to mention again... There are a lot of people who play Everquest and we all enjoy playing it different ways. Treating people poorly because of the guild they are in, the way they play or what programs they use to assist them while playing should always be unacceptable. I can understand those who appose cheating. Daybreak has very clearly defined what they consider cheating here and here. That said there are some players who have a different opinion on what cheating is. My previous bitterness comes from this specific group.

           When Daybreak said they weren't going to do anything about people who trained other players this empowered the specific group of players to harass any boxers they saw. What we got was vigilantes popping up and taking out anyone that didn't fit into their narrow view of right and wrong. This ended up making me bitter as it ruined my enjoyment on the TLP servers. As well as a few other people I know. Including those who didn't box many characters at all. I guess you could say those people won. This will definitely please someone to hear, I know that for sure.

           The truth is, I just don't/didn't have enough free time in my life to deal with that stuff. If you are one of these types of people then you're no better than the boxers you despise. You're deliberately going out of your way to ruin the enjoyment of others... Something not even all boxers do. Is that really something you can be proud of? It's just food for thought.

Anyway - continue onward with my less biased guide!

Now I'm ready, lets continue to the guide!





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