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Farming in Overthere

           Farming in The Overthere is better than you'd think at the lower levels. All of the mobs here drop some money and also items which can sell to vendors for a halfway decent price. Also depending on your level, these mobs will most likely be extremely easy to kill. If you have a merc then you will be able to take them out in no more than a few seconds or if you are just flying solo a few nukes can eliminate them quickly. While farming here you should have very few concerns, one is being overwhelmed with mobs. This is only a danger if you're hunting out in the open.

           The second and more deadly threat is worrying about the evil guards that come out and night and lay waste to anyone they come across. If you're an evil race (Ogre, Troll, Dark Elf, etc etc) you won't have to worry about any of them. In otherwords, if you're able to safely traverse the evil town to the north then the guards that patrol the area will not harm you. If you're a good race and nightfall comes, I seriously recommend hiding or constantly checking your surroundings to make sure the guards don't hunt you down.

           Above is the map of the farming location I normally use in The Overthere. The blue ring is where I generally try to stay at all times and the red ring is where I venture around looking for mobs if I run out of wonderers at the blue ring. Depending on your level will determine if you have to leave the blue circle, most likely you won't under normal circumstances but you never know. One thing you will want to keep in mind is that the blue circle will not be safe at night as a good race. The guards will come down to this area, find you and kill you.

           The main source of money while farming in The Overthere will be Defiant Gear. Depending on your server, of course, Defiant Gear may not be available to you. More specifically I am talking about the progression servers or the mac server. This doesn't mean The Overthere is not worth farming, because it still is, just not as much as it would be on the regular servers.

Loot You Will Find Here:

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