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EQ Classic - Splitpaw Farming Guide

           Splitpaw is actually a rather convient zone to farm in if you're a porting class or if you can just plain old get a port from a friend or some stranger. Inside of Splitpaw you will find tons of Gnolls. At the entrance most of them are in their mid thirties, meaning really if you're 45+ you shouldn't have any problems here. The gnolls drop anywhere from 1 - 5pp each and they also have a chance to drop a few pieces of Splitpaw Hide Gear. The gear won't sell for a ton if you're looking to sell it but it will net you a bit extra cash.

           The main money maker here will be the Fine Steel Weapons and an herb that drops here called White Hellebore. The White Hellebore is used in Alchemy to create Clarity potions. A lot of shamans look for this herb to level their Alchemy or to make some clarity potions for them or friends. The herb is fairly common and will probably sell for 2-5pp each, depending on how much the shaman is willing to pay. Now the biggest downside to Splitpaw is the fact that you will get so much fine steel so fast that you will need to unload it quite quickly. Well, the closest vendor is just outside in South Karana, below is a picture of where you can find him in relation to Splitpaw.

           The blue line is to show you where the vendors are in relation to splitpaw. If you're still confused he is in the centaur village to the northeast. As far as I know everyone can use this vendor but I could be wrong, certain evil races may be blocked out, I am not sure, I never tried with an evil race. However, that is about all you need to know about this farming location! On a final note, if it is your first time here don't go kamikaze bombing into the zone. take it slow and kill all the entrance mobs to see what it's about first. Then as you grow more accustomed to the zone, venture in.

Items of Interest:

Fine Steel Weapons

White Hellebore





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