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Runnyeye Farming Guide

           Runnyeye is one of the few decent places to farm in Classic EQ. It isn't totally camped to the teeth but it will generally have 7-10 people in it during its peak hours. Usually at least 6 of them are low level groups at the top, none of which messing with the spawns further down which is, chances are, where you will want to be heading. The goblins here drop roughly about 1pp - 4pp a kill, generally on the lower end. The money you get from them is a nice added benefit but the main reason youre here is to collect the weapons and Blackened Alloy gear that they drop which will sell to a vendor for quite a bit. Now you may be saying "But I'll get encumbered fast!" Fret not my furry woodland friend! There is not only a vendor in the zone but a banker as well!

           Now of course there is faction with both the vendor and the banker but it is pretty easy to avoid by just getting behind them and using your sneak ability. Once you successfully sneak they will talk to you without a problem in the world. Also, something to keep in mind, if you're coming here strictly for money I'd recommend avoiding the sporali mushroom guys, they don't drop anything that sells for a lot so they'd ultimately just be a waste of your time and mana, if that's your thing.

           Runnyeye is also home to Lord Pickclaw, a named goblin which drops some saught after loot. He may be a bit of a challenge to solo at level 50, it depends entirely on your class. The main piece of loot that you will want to look for off of Lord Pickclaw is the Black Alloy Medallion. In Classic EQ it is the best in slot item for many different classes and sells usually anywhere between 2.5 - 7.5k, depending entirely on your server and the market at that current time.

Items of Interest:

Finesteel Weapon

Words of (Destroy if low on space)

Rune of (Destroy if low on space)

Blackened Alloy Gear

Black Alloy Medallion





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