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Castle Mistmoore Farming Guide

           Castle Mistmoore is another one of those great places to farm in Classic EQ that has held its value over the years. I still come here on my 85 ranger occasionally and just plow through the zone. The main difference on a Progression Server is, well, there will definitaly be no "plowing through the zone". If you go into the castle at all you will have to take your time and watch out for adds. Also if the level cap is still 50 (aka it isn't Kunark yet) the castle will be pretty darn difficult and any runners or adds could severly hurt you. For such reasons I would recommend staying away from the castle, at least for now.

           Now don't worry, outside of the castle you will still find dozens upon dozens of things to kill each of which will drop a few plat with each kill as well as some goodies to vendor. Possibly the best part about this zone in Classic EQ is it is one of the least crowded farming zones. Since it is so far out of the way (Gotta travel all the way through Lfay, yuk!) many people don't even bother coming here. This is good news for you if you wan't to farm here, especially during an off-hour! The mobs here are fairly easy to kill, at level 50 a single nuke should take them down depending on your class. If it doesn't make sure you snare them if at all possible! They will run and will grab adds, which could be a problem.

Items of Interest in Castle Mistmoore:

Bronze Weapons

Ringmail Gear

Complex Embossed Rune

Words of (Destroy if low on space)

Rune of (Destroy if low on space)












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