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Lavastorm Mountains

           Surprisingly, the basilisks in northern Lavastorm Mountains are an excellent source of Baking materials also! They have a chance to drop either one or two eggs. Actually, most of the time you get lucky and they drop two! The basilisk eggs are well known for being the most bountiful eggs around. When converting them into dough they will give you 15 for a single combine, compaired to other eggs like Snake Eggs which only yeild a single one. For this reason alone, many cooks want their hands on some Basilisk Eggs.

           Now this could work to your advantage if none of them are looting the Basilisk Eggs, or if they are check nearby vendors and see if they have sold any. If not, offer them 1-2pp for each egg they find and toss them a few buffs. In no time they will be sending you some tells to pick up their eggs. This may actually work better for you depending on your class. Because the basilisks have this annoying nasty 10-or-so second stun. So depending on your level or what class you are it may be a bit complicated to farm here.

Items of Interest:

Basilisk Egg

Saltpeter - also can be sold in baz as it's used to level Research!!






















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