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Ocean of Tears - Seafury Isle aka Cyclops


The cyclops in Ocean of Tears are possibly my favorite camp in all of Classic. They're great for groups, a solo player and a boxer. There is an entire island of them, but it does get crowded here during peak hours. The cyclops are in a lot of demand because of how much plat they drop/their drops can be sold for. You can farm an insane amount of plat on this isle as a solo player, arguably the best in the game (way more than Rathe Hill Giants). If you can't find a group I strongly recommend while you're LFG you hunt here.

The cyclops do not summon and the island is big enough for multiple groups/people. Also it is extremely solo friendly, whether or wanna root rot or kite you can do whatever you want on this island. The only downside is as aforementioned, how crowded it gets during peak hours. There can be quite a bit of drama here during primetime especially on weekends. That shouldn't stop you from coming or checking it out though, especially if you're reading this post Kunark launch on Ragefire.

There is also a very rare Cyclops that spawns on Cyclops isle, I'd say he has a .5% chance to spawn in the place of any Cyclops on the isle. He drops a rare item called Ring of the Ancients which is used in the Jboots quest (Journeyman's Boots Quest). You can use this item as a bracelet or sell the loot rights or MQ of it to other players. Usually a ring will net you anywhere from 600 - 1kpp

There is also another named nearby, a small little Halfling who drops Bracers of Erollsi. His name is Captain Surestout and he can be found along the upper "islands" of the cyclops isle. There is also a very easy to kill Hill Giant on this island called Gornit. He drops an assortment of different types of giant toes and also is a pinata of platinum like all hill giants are.

Cyclops Isle Drops

Complex Embossed RuneComplex Embossed Rune

Rune ofRune of

Words ofWords of

Fire OpalFire Opal

Valueable GemsOther Valueable Gems

Pearl NecklacePearl Necklace

Opal BraceletOpal Bracelet

Mithril Amulet Mithril Amulet

Grimy Spell ScrollSpell Research Materials





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