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Everquest Plat Farming Guides - Boxing

           Befriending a boxer is one of the best ways for you to make money on the Progression Servers. Boxers aren't all horrible people as some make them out to be, a lot of us are extremely nice and more than willing to assist a solo player if you run across us/befriend us. To a boxer most of the items/things a solo player would do to make plat aren't even worth our time. For example you'll never see a boxer farming Rathe because it simply just isn't good for us to do. Also when we do major zones, we usually don't loot everything or don't care about some of the loot.

For example we almost never loot Fine Steel. It's too heavy and we'd be going back and forth from our camp to a vendor all day. It just isn't worth our time. However if you're a solo player and you stumble across the boxer, introduce yourself. Ask him if he is looting the Fine Steel and if not, may you have it. While I am sure some boxers will exclaim no then begin looting it for themselves most of us will be like yea sure have at it man. This could end up being a TON of money for a solo player since you'll be spending the entire time doing nothing but looting and vendoring.


Another great way to use boxers to your advantage, offer to buy things off of them in bulk or sell items to them in bulk. Some items big league boxers would offload for cheaper than normal prices just to not spend time selling them:

Iron Oxide from the Hole

Spell Research Materials

ANY Tradeskill materials that drop from mobs we are killing

ANY Item drops from the mobs we are killing that we aren't interested in


As for selling to a major boxer, the gear we're mostly interested in is for our mages or any item/thing that will save us time. If you're a spell researcher check in/befriend your fellow boxers to offer them deals on buying dozens of researched spells and I am sure they will come back to you over and over for a one stop shop on everything. A lot of Enchanters already befriended a boxer specifically to be fed Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Raw Diamonds and Black Sapphires from the planes.

If it wasn't for Enchanters befriending us, you may just as well see those gems listed above on vendors because finding a person to sell the items too is usually just not worth our time. Consider it like this, your average boxer kills thousands more mobs than a solo player. To us an extra 100-200pp isn't much, to us spending 5min to do something for only 100-200p is a lot.






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