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Progression Server Farming Guides

           As you know there are bajillions of different farming locations all throughout Everquest, however, not all of them are available in classic. So if your favorite farming location was taken away from you and you need a new one, look no more. I'm going to list and make a guide for every "old school" farming location. Please note that in Classic EQ most of these locations will be over crowded or you will at least be competing with a few people. Also not all of these locations are going to make you rich over night, keeping those two things in mind are extremely important.

           There is also an additional way to get money besides just farming in the early days of EQ. The way you can do this is by farming any and all droppable armor from the "high end" zones from the early era of EQ. Some of these zones include (Classic EQ) Lguk (Lower Guk), Uguk (Upper Guk), SolA (Solusek's Eye) and SolB (Nagafen's Lair). If you can get in a camp in one of these zones you have a chance to make some good money off the named drops if you sell them.

Farming for or from a boxer - Relevant for all xpacs

Classic Farming Guides

Ocean of Tears Cyclops
- 400 - 1200pp an hour depending on class, level and how crowded the zone is

East Karana (Eggs, Spider Silk, Wolf Meat, High Quality Cat Pelts, Lion Meat and an occasional Hill Giant)
- 150 - 500pp an hour depending on your class and level

Lavastorm (Farm Basilisks for their eggs)
- 50 - 250pp an hour depending on your class and level

Runnyeye (Vendor trash farming Blackened Alloy sells for a lot!)
- 100 - 500pp an hour depending on class, level and how crowded the zone is

Mistmoore (All different parts of the zone for all different levels)
- 100 - 500pp an hour depending on class, level and how crowded the zone is

Everfrost - Mammoths (Mammoth Meat and more!)

Everfrost - Ice Giants

Rathe Mountains (Hill Giants)

Splitpaw (Gnolls)

Permafrost Goblins

Polished Bone Bracelets

Gear to Farm

Opalline Earring

Cape of Midnight Mist

Gypsy Medallion

Crested Helm

Blackened Iron Coif

Skull-shaped Barbute

Executioners Hood

Leering Mask

Dented Brass Mask

Lambent Breastplate

Mithril Breastplate

Mithril Vambraces

Lambent Vambraces

Hooded Black Cloak

Cloak of Shadows

Troll-Hide Belt

Thick Banded Belt

Flowing Black Silk Sash

Gilded Cloth

Crested Spaulders

Hero Bracers

Granite Bracer

Runed Mithril Bracer

Drake-Hide Leggings

Silver-Plated Leggings

Lambent Gauntlets

Charred Gauntlets

Dark Mail Gauntlets

Elf-Hide Gloves


Kunark Farming Guides

The Overthere

Crypt of Dalnir

Giants in Fronteir Mountains

City of Mist

Mines of Nurga


Howling Stones

Temple of Droga









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