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Everquest - Just Hit Max level guide

           Everquest is a game that has so many different things you can do once you finally reach max level but no real list of them. I decided that for everyone who is new to live that doesn't really know the game all that well, a list on what to do and guide would be perfect! Almost everyone knows a lot of the basic things to do once you finally reach max level. You can go out and get the rest of your AAs or you can go and farm up some Augs to increase your armors potential but there are a lot of really minor upgrades you can do that eventually add up to be a whole lot.

That's really what I wanted to cover with this guide. All those relatively minor upgrades that will eventually add up into so much more.


Dragons of Norrath (DoN) Progression - DoN Progression is insanely important to do because of all of the benefits it gives you. It increases your maximum stats, gives you a % based permanent health boost, increases your buff slot limit and more! It's one of the main requirements most raid guilds ask of you before joining to put into words how important this task is to accomplish for your character.

Muramite Proving Grounds (MPG) Trials - The MPG Trials are one of the two main requirements most raiding guilds will require new recruits to fulfill prior to recruitment. The second big thing they like for you to have is your DoN (Dragons of Norrath) progression done. Now adays you can solo both of these if you're max level but some tasks will require you to request raids which will require a full group.

There are a total of 6 different trials for players to complete in Muramite Proving Grounds. These trials are, Destruction, Efficiency, Fear, Ingenuity, Subversion and Weaponry.

Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem - Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem - this item comes from the Plane of War Anniversary mission, it has a 100% chance of dropping which actually makes it pretty common since people run this mission primarily for the aug that drops, not this totem. That's the easiest part though, once you have this totem clicking it will give you a 30 AC buff or so but you can actually upgrade the totem further for an even better buff. I think the ac it gives depends on your class Archetype but for tanks it gives 156!

In order to make your Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem better and get the best buff possible out of it you'll need to take it to Yaldu Bwor in Plane of Knowledge. He is a gnoll located just south of the small bank which is located near the Guild Lobby entrance. Hand him your totem and he'll unlock a line of Spirit Shrouds for you. Now you'll have to max each line of Spirit Shourds to receive a fully upgraded totem. As you max each line hail Yaldu Bwor for an upgraded buff.

How you would like to level the shroud is completely up to you. A method I recommend is picking the level 5 one and heading to a noobie zone and getting some buffs + a DS. You'll tear up the zone a decent amount and can even get outside help. Have the player helping run around and pull a huge amount of mobs then you deal damage to them and have a DS kill them all. It's a pretty common method for Power Leveling that almost everyone knows so I don't see the need to go into extensive detail. If you're like the only person who doesn't know about it, just ask someone!



Tears of Alaris - The Tears of Alaris is a slot 3 item that was added during Veil of Alaris which gives a % bonus to defense as well as other stats. It's an extremely grindy upgrade to get, it is going to take you weeks, most likely months of grinding Alarans to get this.

Prayer Shawl Aug - This is one of the best min/max upgrades you can get for your character. It's one of the very few augs that comes with a proc which makes it awesome for every class out there. There are multiple procs to pick from; casters can return mana and increase damage to their next spell, tanks can proc a rune to absorb some damage and the list goes on. Trust me, this is great.

Slot 3 Faycite Shards - These are the bread and butter of what you put in your Slot 3s. This is pretty much just explaining them and showing you a few examples. Each expansion that raises the level cap has a vendor that sells these slot 3s.

Overhaste Clickies - Ancestral Memories Focus (Ancient Cloak of Flames, Strifetorn Necklace)

Circle of <Power,Life,Mana,Guardian> - - In Everquest the Circle of <Name> clickies work as Auras that you can click at any time with unlimited uses and give not only you but all nearby allies a benefit. They share the same restrictions other auras in the game do, so if your class already uses an aura you will overwrite it by using the Circle clicky. Also, the clickies share a 30min cooldown and last for two minutes. Those are really the only draw backs I can think of.

Hero's Fortitude, Hero's Vitality, Hero's Resolution Upgrades - Hero's Fortitude, Vitality and Resolution are some of the best min/max upgrades you can do for your character which come hand in hand from just completing progression with each expansion Call of the Forsaken and beyond. They're like pokemon, you really should collect them all!

Artisan's Prize - The Artisan's Prize aug was added in sometime during TBM and is an extremely massive pain in the ass to get but it will probably be as good as the Prayer Shawl Aug and be a best in slot aug for many years to come. Anyone looking to min/max will definitely want to get this aug!





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