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Everquest Endgame Camp Locations

           Many of you may have noticed the massively different take I have done on my EQ Leveling Guides for the progression servers. The reason for this is because I don't have a lot of time and I can't make an independant page and type up 5 paragraphs per location, take pictures, oh and don't forget actually going to each and every location and spending a few hours there just so I know exactly what to say as a refresher. Point is, it is a lot of work. I'd still like to share this information with the public but not have it take up my entire day to do so.

           I have gotten pretty good feedback on my layout for the leveling section on the TLPs so I am going to continue using it for these guides. While it may give a little less information than the guides you saw from me years ago at least you'll still get information this way. That is my overall goal. If you're unfamiliar with the format let me break it down for you!

This is the name of the location (This is the type of location) this tells you how many people you'll see at this location.

Burger King (Dungeon Crawl) Social - This tells you that the location, Burger King, is more like a dungeon than a field and that if you go there you should expect to see other players there.


Everquest Level 100 Locations

Goral Camp in Shard's Landing (Field Killing) Antisocial - This is one of the most basic camps you can do upon entering RoF zones. You could probably handle this camp at 95 with a good 6 box, definitely at 100 even if you have spotty gear. As long as you have your auto granted AAs and a real tank you should be able to handle all of the mobs here even with relatively crappy gear. Other loot you can expect to get here is Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Dreadmotes.

Shard's Landing Underground City (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This location is great if you're looking to get two things done at once. The Alarans here drop tablets which can be used to raise your Tears of Alaris which is an extremely hard to acquire but useful side upgrade for your characters. The underground area here is pretty big but there is a large arena that a lot of people frequent. There are a lot of Alarans around here to kill, so many that it's hard to keep them all on cooldown! And no matter how many you kill most won't be KoS to you. There is a collection set that drops here as well as these items: Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Befouled Silk.

Grelleth Camp (Field Killing) Antisocial - This is a decent camp for EXP just like the Field camp in Evantil. The thing that makes this camp a little bit worse though is the named, Stitches. He has an extremely annoying knockback mechanic that will send your group flying around the entire zone. Unlike Evantil though at this camp in Grelleth you'll also be getting Befouled Silk which is a huge money maker. Other loot you can expect to get here is Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Dreadmotes.

Breeding Grounds - Velishan (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - from this camp in Breeding Grounds you'll actually be able to kill both Velishan and Gosik who drops a caster aug that is quite good as well. If possible I highly recommend trying to kill both Velishan and Gosik as you camp here. After all, I am sure you have characters that can use the other aug too! Velishan is a really annoying fight, he goes immune to some magics as he changes colors and also he fears which can really mess up your group quick. Try and burn him down really quick when he pops. Other useful loot you'll get here includes Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Dreadmotes.

Evantil, The Vile Oak - Ruaabri (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This camp is at the far tippy top of the tree in Evantil and has you killing the flying monkeys straight out of wizard of oz. Ruaabri is the flying monky named that spawns and he has a rare chance of dropping Ruaabri's Fist which is an item that will increase your health and stack with nearly all other buffs in the game. It sells for quite a bit if you can get your hands on one or you can always use it. There's that too. Other useful loot that comes from here inclues Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Befouled Silk, Dreadmotes.

Evantil, The Vile Oak - Burntbark (Field Killing) Antisocial - This camp is great for those looking for a lot of field killing with decent XP and even has a tank aug that drops here. The aug that drops here is ___ and aside from just Burntbark there is another named you'll be able to pull too, A blob of sap. He doesn't have any good drops but he'll be extra Dreadmotes each day if you decide to pull him too. Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Dreadmotes.

Chelsith - Silvi The Mistress (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is a popular camp of Chelsith for the aug that drops off of Silvi. Honestly the Xp in the area isn't the best but the loot is decent, most of the traffic Silvi sees is for the heroic agility aug that she drops though, Spellstone of the Mistress. The reason I say the loot is decent is because the mobs here are Humanoid types which means they drop plat as well as Befouled Silk in RoF zones. The silk is quite valuable, even to a barter as it makes some of the best bags you can get through Tradeskills! Planar Energy Shards, Planar Goo, Befouled Silk.

Heart of Fear - Candle of Hollowed Souls (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This camp is extremely out of the way and is very dangerous to get to unless your group has both normal Invisibility and Invisibility to Undead; IV and IVU as they're known. Though once you get here there are plenty of safe spots in the area to pull to and since this camp is so out of the way you'll barely ever get bothered here. The mob you're going to be farming is Soulhollow. Aside from Soulhollow you'll also be able to kill another named at this camp quite often, A Vision of Fear. The main item we're here for is, Candle of Hollowed Souls and other loot worth saving here is all the Dreadmotes you get from nameds as well as Planar Energy Shards.

Heart of Fear - Herald's Glyph (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This camp is extremely out of the way and is very dangerous to get to unless your group has both normal Invisibility and Invisibility to Undead; IV and IVU as they're known. There is one or two nearby safe locations but they don't give much wiggle room at the camp. There are actually two other nameds nearby this location too you could pull if you have a good enough group. The main item we're here for is, Herald's Glyph and other loot worth saving here is all the Dreadmotes you get from nameds as well as Planar Energy Shards.

Ethernere West Karana - Grawrarawr (Field Killing) Antisocial - In the far eastern end of Ethernere - West Karana there lies a mobs that has a name that is impossibly hard to spell without double checking three or four times you did it right. This is a frequented location and mentioned by many when suggesting places to check out and hunt in early CoTF. The XP here is decent and the loot isn't that bad either but if you stick here past 103 expect it to slow down a lot. Loot worth keeping an eye out for at this location includes, Ethernere Essence.

The Dead Hills (Field Killing) Antisocial - Aside from Heroic Adventures players can hunt "behind the scenes" so to speak in Dead Hills. In the northern section of the zone there are mobs that spawn that are frequented for their XP. No nameds spawn up here and the loot isn't the best but the XP can be good enough to draw a crowd. Since there are no nameds up here it makes it pretty easy for those who are under geared, leveled or AA'd. Loot worth keeping an eye out for at this location includes, Ethernere Essence.

The Dead Hills Gribble HAs (Dungeon Crawl) Group or Boxer - The famed Gribbles HA of Dead Hills and really the whole X-pac of CoTF. These are probably the most run Heroic Adventures just because of how easy they are in the entire game. You can farm all three in under an hour if you get quick at it with friends or a boxed group of your own. The loot is good from them and so is the XP - another bonus is there are almost always people LFG for them either in the area or in general chat channels. If you're looking to make friends, this could be it! Loot worth keeping an eye out for at this location includes, Ethernere Essence.

Neriak Fourth Gate - Entrance R'ker - In Neriak Fourth Gate one of the better camps is Entrance R`ker. The reason she stands out so much here is because she drops a non prestige augmentation. Non prestige augs are extremely rare so if you're the kind of person who likes letting their boxes go Silver grabbing an aug from here will be a big upgrade over having nothing at all. This named is fairly easy except for the fact that she can mez you, that of course is a total nightmare. Loot worth keeping an eye out for at this location includes, Ethernere Essence.

Argin Hiz - Master Sage Lowenn - In Argin Hiz one of the most difficult but best camps is Master Sage Lowenn who drops Sage's Light, one of the better AC/HDex augs in the game. This named is no push over though, he summons a lot of adds that all pack quite a punch. The best strategy I have for him is burning him down as quickly as possible. If you are a group with good DPS make sure all your burns are up before pulling him then you should be able to lay waste to him. Loot worth keeping an eye out for at this location includes, a collectible set that drops off the Blood elves here as well as Ethernere Essence.


Everquest 100 - 105 Locations


The locations in this section will include TDS and all expansions that have level 105 as the level cap.

Tempest Temple Goblins (Field Killing) Moderately Social - This location is great for those who would like to fight harder mobs than what are offered in the CoTF T1 zones and want something a bit different than the bland T2 zones CoTF offers. Tempest Temple, Brother Island and Katta Castrum in TDS require no flags. This camp is on the western side of Tempest Temple (opposite of the boat to Brother Island) and is really great for field killing. There is a "druid circle" that is an object on the ground on the western side of the large central island. This is where I usually camp and pull to. There is a collection set that drops off of the mobs here and they also drop other decent loot such as Relic Fragments and all TDS mobs have a rare chance to drop Briny Essences. Nameds drop them commonly.

Brother Island (Field Killing) Moderately Social - This location is pretty popular for people who don't want to do any flagging in TDS but want to fight mobs that are 102 - 105. The rare drop from this zone in TDS is Purity of Chastity. It is a 30 purity aug that has a chance of dropping off of any named in the zone. Much like the Power Sources for all the other TDS zones. One of the best nameds to camp on Brother Island is Lidia the Castaway, she drops a HAGI Aug, Token of the Waveswept as well as Briny essences.

Caverns of Endless Song Old Spirespine (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This camp is a bit of a pain in the ass even if you roll in here with a full 6 box. There are a lot of mobs around and they all have a ton of health and some of them have annoying abilities (like mez). The reason I mention this camp though is because of the caster aug that this guy drops, Old Spirespine's Spine. Plus, he has a chance of dropping the caster Power Source Ocean Purification Stone which is a random drop off nameds in this zone. The last thing of interest here is of course, Briny essences.

Degmar Commander Alast Degmar (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - The aug he drops isn't that good but you may be interested in it depending on what you have, it's one that almost everyone can find useful especially if you still have crappy ones from hotzones in pieces of gear. This location isn't too bad and you could handle it on a group of 103s or so with the proper CC and a decent tank. If you have good geared 105s you should be able to handle this room + the one behind it with Horthin Blackbook.

Thulisaur Island Reginasaur (Field) Antisocial - This is a great camp if you don't want to be all cooped up inside the temple area, which is the other camp I recommend for Thulisaur. This one you can park safely on the side of just about any mountain where mobs don't roam and pull to here. It makes it great for AFK breaks since there is a safe spot nearby. You don't get that leisure everywhere! Reginasaur is camped for his Reginasaur's Tooth, Briny essences, as well as the random named zone drop, Thaell Ew Totem.

Thulisaur Island Blacksmith Thassis (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This guy is tucked away all the way up in the top right corner of the pyramid area and the reason I am mentioning him is because sometimes I enjoy camps where I am fighting humanoids instead of beasts. The loot tables are usually different and also it's definitely a change of scenery in here! The only thing worth hunting at this camp for is the random named zone drop, Thaell Ew Totem and Briny essences if you're after them.

Combine Dredge Franchesca the Feared (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This named drops one of the good heroic stam augs for tanks in TDS. It is prestige, as are all TDS augs. This camp is quite difficult, honestly I found it harder than almost all T1 TBM. You'll need a good healer, good tank and CC if you want to do this on 6 or less. This camp is honestly really annoying for boxers because there are hills and walls everywhere and there isn't really any safe spot. As well as the Fragment of Tenacity Hstam Aug that drops here you can also find the Tank Power Source, Geomantic Steelstone ontop of the usual, Briny essences,.

Combine Dredge Necromaticus Abominatio (Semi-Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - Safe spot to pull to in the mining area. Lots of mobs to kill and the pulling is very easy. This is one of the easier camps in the zone if you are after the Power Source that drops here, Geomantic Steelstone or Briny essences. The rest of his loot you will probably find to be junk however.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life Glorious Cistina (Semi-Dungeon Crawl) Semi-social - One of the nameds that drops an aug in the Demiplane of Life is Glorious Cistina. She is located in the northwestern most building of the zone. I find that the best place to camp her is usually by pulling all of the mobs out of the building or heading into the second floor of the building and pulling them to the balcony. The balcony is safe as are a few spots out front.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life Vizier Albert (Field) Semi-social - Probably the best named in the Demiplane of life to camp primarily because of the aug he drops. It's a heroic stam aug with AC on it + hp/mana/end so it makes it quite useful for pretty much any class and it isn't prestige which means if you have a box and usually let him go silver, you'll still benefit! Definitely worth hitting up this guy for a few augs!! What I usually do is camp behind the large building in the Demiplane of life and pull everything out to this location. It's safe here.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay - Remnants of the Darkseer (Dungeon Crawl) Social - This is one of the Heroic Dex non prestige augs in TBM. As you could imagine for this reason it is pretty saught after by quite a number of classes. If you're one that's after it, this is a camp you'll want to hit up. How this camp works is there are 3 different floors once you reach the bottom of the center of the zone. Click on the giant statue in the middle to reveal a hidden staircase and you can go down two more floors from there. An assistant to the Darkseer spawns on each floor. There are a few safe spots that are safe on each floor for you to setup camp and afk if you need to bio.

Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay - Master of the House - This guy drops a 2H aug. If you can't get the one from Plane of War then this is a decent alternative. I am not sure what was added in EoK but I know people still use this aug quite frequently. I am mentioning this camp primarily because of the aug, however you may find it to be an annoying camp as most of the time you're going to be pulling mobs out of buildings which will mean constantly opening and closing doors.

Crypt of Sul Bokon Revel the Reborn (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is one of my favorite Crypt of Sul camps since it's easy to get to and the named doesn't do anything fancy. Also the named drops one awesome aug, Rationalist's Sigil, that is great for Clerics, Druids, Shamans, Tanks - really any one that holds a shield. Also despite the restrictions of the T2 TBM zone (lowering your health/mana/end) this camp actually isn't too bad. As I said before the named doesn't really do anything difficult and also the camp is literally right around the corner from the entrance.

Crypt of Sul The Watcher (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is one of the hardest camps of Crypt of Sul imo and will take a well coordinated player or group to handle. This guy is in a giant room with a lot of mobs that run around it almost at random. Clearing the room will take an extremely good group in both gear and skill. Pulling the named out of the room will just take one really good player. You can choose whichever is easier for your playstyle. The whole point of this camp though is if you are a pet class or have one in your group. This named drops an awesome Enhanced Minion earring, Shade's Phase.

Crypt of Decay Brightfire (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - One of the tier 2 TBM zones is a revamped version of Crypt of Decay. In the basement area of that zone one of the nameds you'll find is Brightfire. He is saught after for his Heroic Dex aug, Sickly Distended Horseshoe. The named himself is nothing fancy but there is something you should keep in mind about this zone. All of the nameds down here have to be kept in their "corner" live mobs can't cross into dead areas and dead mobs can't cross into live areas. They'll immediately break from agro with you.

Crypt of Decay Akkapan Adan (Dungeon Crawl) Antisocial - This is one of my favorite camps in both the regular CoD and this one. The rats don't really have a safe spot but there are so many around that you never run out of them to pull. It makes the area quite fun! The named we're killing here drops a Heroic Wis/Int aug, Rummager's Bauble. And as with all the other augs in TBM it is non prestige meaning you can use it even as Free to Play!





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